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Karsten Warholm

I haven’t run many hurdles nor fast pace yet. This could be exciting here.

Did you run over barriers at all?

I passed a little more than very low hedges at a leisurely pace. I own.

Time flies by with July 16th and the heat test of the 400m hurdles at the World Cup. Questions still abound when Carsten Warholm takes the time to meet NRK for his last practice session before he leaves for the US Preliminary Zone on Tuesday morning – if the plane leaves.

In a good mood: Carsten Warholm chose to be positive before leaving for the World Cup.

Photo: Hanne Skjellum / NTB

We somehow managed to put together enough that we feel inside to travel and walk to get ready. At the same time, you are saving the biggest steps to the United States. The reason we travel is that we have to take it seriously, so the point is to be on the starting line of course, and to be good Warholm explains that if I don’t.

Nice to get away for cheap

It’s been a month since then He suffered a hoarding injury in the opening match of the season and ligament. Doctors estimated anything from one to six weeks on the sidelines. The 26-year-old asserts that he must be 100 per cent ready to start.

Because most of them are in good shape now and are good competitors. One per cent is a lot in our sport if you start relying on it. Just put it in the calculator, Warholm says.

Of course, he agreed that Ray Benjamin performed 47.04 in the American selection. And Alisson dos Santos at 46.80 is strong in Stockholm.

The way the setup is going now, it was nice to get away on the cheap, but that’s not why I’m doing it here. When I see they’re running fast, you first think it won’t be a cheap victory this year either. So I know I have to be on top.

Karsten Warholm

Approaching: There is steady progress in Karsten Warholm’s training after the hoarding injury. He tries to think as little as possible on the thigh.

Photo: Hanne Skjellum / NTB

What percentage do you feel right now?

It’s tough. I’ve always been bad at calculating percentage, but I’m not a hundred yet, he replies and smiles a little.

The decision must be made

But he set a kind of deadline for when the decision should actually be made.

I think we have to do something at full speed a few days ago. I don’t know exactly how many days before that, but enough days even if I feel numbness in my leg, it will be over until I’m on the starting line, says the world record holder, and continues:

We should have an answer at some point and I won’t wait until trying to get that answer because I think this is stupid.

Coach Leif Olav Alnes hopes security will increase daily, but it’s hard to know if you’re really ready.

You will not receive the answer until later, but you must decide. You can’t stand on the starting line and wonder if you’re ready. You have to decide if you are ready or not. This is how it was in Rabat. He thinks there was absolutely nothing to suggest it would be a problem.

I don’t think it will handle deflation well

The mood is good so far. But Warholm is trying to prepare for the fact that the downturn may come in the form of his inability to participate, even though he plans to go well.

I try to tell myself that it can screw up, but that’s the case with most things. You can’t fully prepare for it, and you may not do it either, but you just have to know that there is a scenario in which it doesn’t go well. But I don’t think I’ll handle it well, Warholm admits

In the past few seasons, everything has gone its way.

How are you when you don’t handle things well?

Absolutely damn, maybe the answer.

He laughs.

no Yes. I try as much as I can and make it okay to be with me, but it has to be said I probably had too much focus on my stuff and went a bit in the bubble. I think this is very useful for development and for doing the right things. Then I try to keep my spirits high. You can’t let it pass completely.

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