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Karsten Warholm og Leif Olav Alnes

After Karsten Warholm Had to cancel the first race of the season in JuneIt was the way the injury went that everyone wanted to talk to him about. Injuries are really something from Warholm’s team always a secretBecause talking about it takes more energy.

I don’t need to talk much about it. It’s like Lev says, it just makes it worse and you feel it every day. And I felt a little stressed when I said I was going to try to get to the restroom and there was almost no time, he says.

—But this particular injury here, which was broadcast live on NRK, was a little hard to hide, Warholm adds.

Would you keep it hidden if it wasn’t?

There is ample opportunity for that, the drawback admits.

– Clearly, he says Liv coach Olaf Ness.

you won’t lie

The 26-year-old had to accept that the questions now are not about performing well. They did not see any alternative.

– It was completely impossible now, Because he could only go. If he had never run, those who saw him walking like that would probably have reacted, Alnis smiled.

Landing Tour: Carsten Warholm makes it to the restroom, but the medal is lost.


– I have to get used to it, and I think that’s fine too. Injuries are part of everyday sporting life, so I’m not embarrassed or anything like that, says the world record holder.

But they have no immediate plans to change the principle of talking about the damage they are accustomed to.

If you get an injury and lose a competition, I understand that talking about it is very relevant. Then you have to be open about it. Warholm emphasizes that it’s not like I’m going to lie.

– Priceless

What was holding you back now?

Very very little. I think we’ve already done a very good update. Everyone knows the follow-up we had, So I think we were actually quite transparent. With the transparency we need, at least.

Karsten Warholm

Dressed for Autumn: Karsten Warholm received the Fearnley Olympic Honorary Award for Olympic gold and world record in Tokyo.

Photo: Hanne Skjellum / NRK

As is known, the World Cup cycle ended without a medal, but he resisted and won the gold medal. Then there was a race in Berlin, before waiting for a short break in the season. On October 1 they start again, and the plan is to open the indoor season at their special “Warholm invitational” event on February 4. Being injury free gives him extra motivation.

The ability to work and avoid these injuries and the ability to go to training every day and do the work required. Priceless. There is nothing to replace it, Warholm says.

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