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Hyttenaboer Britt-Helen Wilhelmsen og Håkon Wilhelmsen ved Tokagjelet på Kvamskogen

– This is absolutely awful. Brit-Helen Wilhelmson says it’s sad that something like this happens around our cabin.

NRK meets her and her husband Håkon Wilhelmsen on the edge of Togolese on Monday afternoon.

A man named Håkon has been in a room in Kvamskogen since he was a boy. All year long he was careful to approach the end of Longvodnovatnet, where the waterfall is buzzing in tokogellet.

– We have sailed on this lake for many years since we were so old, said Wilhelmsen, who lowered his hand just above the knee.

– We were always told: “Do not rest too far down towards the toggogelet, where you may be carried by the current”.

Witnessed the accident

On Sunday night, the unthinkable happened. A family member saw three people and a dog in a boat by the current at the end of the lake. It was dark, and heavy rain fell.

According to police, the witness lost their sight while the three were sitting in the front of the boat.

The missing are two adult males and one adult female living in Askoi municipality. All are Norwegian citizens.

According to police, they must have crossed the Longvodnovatnet after being in a room.

– They have crossed this point before, but this time they have unfortunately been taken by the current and led to the falls, says task leader Sweeney Valent Labsa.

Dramatic beating

When there is a small stream of water, the Longvodnovatnet flows slowly towards the rapids, starting a hundred meters before the falls.

In this connection, a gate and a water intake have been constructed here Current energy development Of Tokagjelet.

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But during heavy rains, the water level in the lake rises sharply. In the last 24 hours, more than 60 millimeters of rain fell in Guam.

The lake, several hundred meters above the waterfall, had heavy currents on Monday.

If the safety rope hung over the lake, where the lake is very narrow, there would have been heavy flooding on Monday.

After the entrance, the river sinks about 50-60 meters before the lake collapses into a 15-20 meter high waterfall.

Further down the valley it is very hilly, with many small waterfalls and rapids. The kill is deep and vertical on both sides, which makes the search and rescue task difficult.

Iron: In this area, the boat that went with three people was magical Sunday night. All three had to cross the lake.

Photo: Oddgeir Øystese / NRK

Tokagjelet many ulukker

On Monday afternoon, the search continued on Tokegazelet, Steinstall Riverside and Hortongurfjord. Search hunting takes place in the river area It stretches for 8-9 km From the waterfall at Tokaugelet to the Fjord Basin at Norheimsund.

Police refer to it as a rescue operation.

Over the years, there have been many accidents on the steep Tokagjelet. Last weekend, two people who fell from a wall were rescued from the gallows.

Historically, cottage people and farmers crossed the river shortly before the storm, which was dry and small water.

186 years ago, things went wrong when a farmer was carrying a cow across the river in a boat. In a handbook about Tokagjelet, mentioned Hordaland Folkeblad, It says that the farmer and the cow eat the same waterfall. They were never found.

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Ulukka now classifies the cabin population in Kvamskogen. The Wilhelmson couple thinks about the families of the missing.

– These are the people who have been driving and boating here for so many years. This is the fastest way, and it’s a long way to go, says Hagon Wilhelmson.

– Every time we come here we think the same thing says his wife Brit-Helen.

Tokagjelet Redeemers

Conditions demanded: Rescue team descended on the falls on Monday evening. The search area from Mount Lake to Fjord now extends up to a mile.

Photo: Oddgeir Øystese / NRK

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