Warning: – Be extra skeptical

Warning: – Be extra skeptical

In a survey conducted by the NHO among its members, it now appears that 16 percent of NHO companies see more attempted computer attacks during the summer holidays than at any other time of the year.

Among companies with more than 250 years in business, 25 percent answered that they are seeing an increase.

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Vacation mode is used

9 in 10 employees have work email and IT systems on their mobile phones, but only 26% of companies have security systems or guidelines for employee mobile use.

– Criminal actors take advantage of the fact that we are in vacation mode. The number of employees is less, the interest is not so great, and we may not be as careful as usual. Both scammers and criminal hackers attacking computer systems use this, says NHO leader Ole Erik Almlid in an email to DinSide.

An NHO survey showed that only 12 percent of companies have mobile device fleet management, a so-called mobile device management (MDM) solution. These management tools give the IT department the opportunity to manage software, secure data, and mobile devices, so that this is not left to the individual user. The survey shows that these systems are most common in the largest companies. The survey also showed that only 13 percent of companies have written routines for employee mobile use.

Warns of counterfeit applications

Warns of counterfeit applications

– skeptical

NorSIS Managing Director Knut Ivar Rønning points out that if you don’t have such administrative tools on your phone, it’s up to the individual to take a few simple security measures.

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Be more suspicious of both the content and the sender of SMS and emails received during the holidays, he advises.

As DinSide wrote previously, it’s also wise to stay away from unsecured networks and public USB chargers.

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