Warning in case of fire on scooters

Warning in case of fire on scooters

Lyndall: – The challenge arises when batteries are exposed to bangs or shocks. There is a risk of heat and fire. It doesn't need to be charged, so it's unpredictable, says Per Christian Lykanger, a pediatric investigator at the Southern Fire Service.

They include the municipalities of Lindesnes, Fursund, Hejpostad, Aserel, Gwynedd and Lyngdal.

On Friday, they issued a press release warning against fires on electric scooters.

Two calls

In recent months, Sør Fire Brigade has received two calls about fires involving electric scooters. At the end of April, a scooter's battery pack exploded inside a house in Lyngdal. A fire broke out at a garage in Lyndall last week, police believe the fire started when an electric scooter was being charged.

– The most common thing is that the fire starts while charging, but we have also heard of cases where the scooter is not charged, says Lykankar.

A scooter inside the house caught fire

Electric scooter on fire – dumped in river

Charge outside

Christian Lykanger offers some clear advice for electric scooter owners.

He urges people to avoid charging at night and strongly encourages all charging to be done outside.

He also asked people to keep an eye on whether the battery is dead.

– People should follow the application. In case of damage, you need to replace the battery or the entire product.

Owners of electric scooters are asked to watch out for unusual sounds, smells or heat.

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