June 10, 2023


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Warning of danger in the East: – Warns of summer tires

It has been sent Risk warning About snowfall on Tuesday morning in several places in eastern Norway.

Rainfall in large parts of eastern Norway will lead to very varied driving conditions on the roads around Oslo overnight into Tuesday.

Traffic operator Thale Eikeset at Vegtrafikksentralen east of NTB reported at 02.40.

– South of Oslo it rains mostly and is good on the roads, but if you come north of Gardermoen you will find more snow and snow. Traffic Factor says the important thing to think about is that slush gives very poor grip on the road.

She continues, saying that there are crews working on the roads in plowing and salting.

-. It’s slippery here, says Eikeset, so if you have summer tires you should leave the car.

The meteorologist says the warm weather last week was just a forecast.

– These days we’re back in winter conditions, says Espen Beseth Granan, a meteorologist on duty at the Meteorological Institute.

Fire emergency in Oslo

Affects eastern Norway

The height of the snow line ranges between 100 and 400 meters and will be at its lowest levels during the night until Tuesday and Tuesday morning. Parts of the provinces of Akershus, Telemark and Buskerud will be particularly affected by the snow.

Winter weather is also reported north of Romerike, but from Follo and down towards Old Østfold there will be rain and sleet.

In areas that receive the most precipitation, between 15 and 25 cm of snow is expected.

The cause of the fire is unknown - request photos

The cause of the fire is unknown – request photos

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Blizzard in Oslo

Snow will be confined to the north of Oslo. But there can be local differences, says Granan.

With that said, Oslo residents are asked to prepare for the frost.

– says the meteorologist, it can also be difficult.

Tender crisis

Tender crisis


Especially on small roads in eastern Norway, north of Oslo, road users should be careful in the morning hours on Tuesday, according to the meteorologist:

– If you have summer tyres, it might be a good idea to pay attention to the shape of the road tomorrow morning. On larger roads, traffic probably means that snow and precipitation will remain to a lesser extent. If you have summer tires tomorrow, you should be careful.

Trondheim and Trondelag can also receive precipitation such as snow or sleet.

– We also considered sending a danger warning there, says Granan.

The warning does not apply to western Norway or northern Norway, but in northern Norway the snow will remain too, according to the meteorologist’s report.