Warnings of strong winds and slippery roads – NRK Nordland

Warnings of strong winds and slippery roads – NRK Nordland

of the year Big Dipper Day is over

But while pre-Christmas stress may no longer be a problem, there are other things down the road that can make it a challenge.

In northern Norway, strong winds may cause major challenges over the next few days:

If you don’t have to, we encourage people to leave the car, says Havard Langmo at the Swedish Transport Center in the North.

But northerners aren’t the only ones who need to be careful – now the Meteorological Department has issued several warnings.

Strong winds and snow drifts are likely in large parts of northern Norway over the next few days. Further south, moderate weather can lead to challenges.

Photo: Sigurd Steinum / NRK

Hazard warnings in sequence

List of current and anticipated hazard warnings Currently long in yr.no.

NRK calculates a total of 89 points before we reach the bottom.

The meteorologist on duty, Espan Biseth Granan, explains that for northern Norway it is mainly about the wind.

– We have warnings for strong winds from Møre and Romsdal tonight and the first half of tomorrow. He explains that it will move north on Thursday and Friday.

Winds will come from the southeast and cause difficult driving conditions and snow drifts.

Hazard warning

The list of danger warnings stretches like a storm on yr.no.

Photo: Screenshot from yr.no / yr.no

In western Norway, driving conditions can also be difficult, but for completely different reasons.

– We have issued a snow warning for western Norway. A little inland from the coast, Grannan says it will apply from last night to Thursday afternoon.

According to the meteorologist, as the snow falls as rain, it freezes on the cold ground.

An uneven path.

Mild weather and rain can lead to icy roads in many places in Norway.

Photo: Vichnija

– We have the same warning for Aktor, Telemark and Vestfold, and a little further up in eastern Norway.

He emphasizes that timings for announcements will vary.

Vote and take action

Granon adds that heavy snow is also expected in the mountains in southern Norway.

– It can also lead to difficult driving conditions. This applies practically throughout Thursday.

So far, no hazard warning has been sent out on New Year’s Eve, but there could be.

– There are still a few days left and we will do a new assessment tomorrow.

Håvard Langmo at the Norwegian Road Transport Center urges people to be very careful if they have to be on the roads in the next few days.

She says it’s important to plan your trip and have good footwear:

  • Fill the tank and charge the car
  • Bring warm clothes, plenty of food and drinks
  • Make sure you have good tires and drive according to the conditions

He encourages everyone who has to hit the roads to check traffic information www.175.no.


In Finnmark, strong gusts of 30 to 35 meters per second are possible, as well as small storms to strong gusts along the coast of Finnmark.

Strong winds will hit Finland hard on Friday night. According to According to the Bureau of Meteorology, it will increase in strength throughout the day, and in the evening, exposed areas will face minor storms.

Håvard Langmo tells NRK that he is being recruited due to the impending storm in the north.

– Notice is sent simultaneously in all districts slightly special. It’s not every day that storms are reported in both Nordland, Troms and Finnmark. That is why we are hiring this time.

Contractors in the North do the same. All available plow workers are ready to ensure the roads are as passable as possible.

– We have relationship with all the contractors on the roads. It is important that we have enough people to communicate with everyone and that we post all traffic messages.

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