June 10, 2023


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Warns about three popular apps: Delete them immediately

It’s not just popular social media Tiktok that poses a potential security risk, says the Center for Cyber ​​Security.

This is evidenced by the Mobile Security Handbook, which DR has gained insight into.

The guide was the starting point for TikTok’s removal from government employees’ work phones and devices

But now there are many popular applications that are not recommended.

According to the Center for Cyber ​​Security, social media Snapchat is now being assessed as a security risk.

About 49% of Norway’s population has the app installed on their phones, making the app the second largest social networking site in Norway, right after Facebook.

This is evidenced by a study of SeOpp.no.

Moreover, the file-sharing service Dropbox is also advised not to install on the mobile phone. The service has more than 700 million users worldwide.

Finally, we have the training app Strava, which according to the Center for Cyber ​​Security is also problematic to use. The Internet service is used in the United States to track physical exercises.

The booklet and this advice are intended primarily for ministers, permanent secretaries, privy councillors and selected employees of the ministries.

The guide also explains which apps are “safe”. In this category are apps like Facebook, Instagram, and Google Maps.

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