Warns of Scam Attempts: – Frighteningly easy

Warns of Scam Attempts: – Frighteningly easy

Herd culture presents us with a problem in the world of fraud. This is what security expert Jelle Wieringa at KnowBe4 encountered.

In today’s society, we have access to many streaming services and video games that are quickly becoming popular topics of conversation. At work or school, the latest series and games can be discussed during coffee breaks or during lunch.

– By knowing exactly what is going on with so many of us, we become a bigger and easier target for those who want to hit us with increasingly crafty scam attempts, Wieringa tells Nettavisen.

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It makes us forget common sense

He highlighted the popular series “The Last of Us” as an example.

– A large number of websites have appeared recently, where you can read the latest news and access the PC version of “The Last of Us”. The only problem is that the PC version is not up and running yet, and this is just an attempt to get the user to install malware.

– It might be easy to spot this kind of malicious attempt to infiltrate your computer normally, but when the game is already released on PlayStation, the PC version is on the way, and the TV series is getting so much attention, people forget to be there, he adds.

Another problem is that “everyone” would prefer free access. So scammers take advantage of the feeling of greed in us.

– I consider this a good example of how insidious threat actors can become in their scams. Things like greed make us forget common sense and fall for things that are too good to be true.

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You don’t have a “nonsense filter” in place

Nor does it require much from the consumer before the fraudster gets what he wants. Social media is widely used:

– Serves as a mouthpiece for an audience that hasn’t yet put the “bullshit” filter in place, concurrently served by services that require only limited interaction with the user, making it frighteningly easy to quickly elicit a click or two from the user, and has Thats all it takes.

Wieringa says it is not known what malware does on a computer. Scammers may be looking for money or information. Data is circulated in large amounts over the Internet.

In this case, scammers can make a lot of money by gaining access to potential bank details of thousands of people. Especially if it includes valid credit card information, he says.

This can lead to direct financial loss or identity theft.

There may be unwanted credit card transactions where fraudsters use it to purchase products that are delivered to people who work with fraudsters, Wieringa says.

The information can also be misused in money laundering attempts.

Gamers are the preferred victims

In the “The Last of Us” scam, scammers lure download codes for the popular game.

– It should also be noted here that game fans in particular are the favorite victim of IT criminals, which is not only related to the fact that this audience is often strong in purchasing power.

At the same time, it might also be a good idea to have a conversation about IT crimes and explain how they relate to all other crimes, recommends Wieringa.

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– It can be easy to visualize what happens, when a malicious actor tries to be lured in by malicious associations or lofty promises of big rewards.

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