Wars in Ukraine: – Dark Prediction:

Wars in Ukraine: - Dark Prediction:

Is Daily update British intelligence says Russia has lost momentum as a result of the limited progress Russia has made since the start of the war.

They claim that the Russians have lost one-third of the invading forces and large parts of the military equipment.

Lt. Col. Khair Hegen Carlson tells Dockbladet that it is natural for Russian forces to stop advancing.

This is the problem

– The Russians do not have the ability to continue the attack. They seem to be doing the same thing in Donbass. Further west, they are engaged in the task of digging defensive positions. They seem to be preparing to retain and defend territories, Carlson continues:

– This indicates that we are entering a long period of time, where it will not move much, but the parties will be in the lead, i.e. do not want to speculate specific figures regarding dead soldiers, says Carlson.

Error: Lieutenant Colonel Khair Hegen Carlson gave an update on the war in Ukraine on 16.05.2022.
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When asked if he thinks the lack of progress will lead the Russians to work even harder, he responds:

– The problem is, they don’t have much to work hard for. There are no ground forces or air forces. Then the wars will become stable and less advanced.

Dagbladet previously explained Vladimir Putin and how Russia is trying to cover up the death toll.

Ukrainian authorities Claims About 32,000 inquiries were received from relatives asking for information about Russian soldiers who had lost contact.

Many of them are said to have been abandoned or hidden on Ukrainian battlefields.

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Lieutenant Colonel Carlsen fears that the summer may be bloody in the areas around Donbass.

– The Ukrainians still have the ambition to launch a counterattack when they bring tanks, artillery and other heavy equipment from the West, but it will take time. They will practice using it, and put the departments together

– It may be a long, bloody and hot summer in Donbass and other parts of Ukraine, he continues.

Ukraine: The video, shared in a telegram by an adviser to Ukraine’s foreign minister, shows Ukrainian forces destroying a Russian tank with a U.S. spear missile. Video: Dagbladet TV / Telegram @Pravda_Gerashchenko
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– Everyone was surprised

Carlson, like many experts, is amazed at how Russian forces behaved during the war. He calls Russia’s achievements in Ukraine “blurred.”

– We were amazed at how bad they were militarily. Thinking that Ukraine would give up, they started the war with an offensive plan to capture the whole of eastern Ukraine with light forces. The way they started the war was a military passion, he believes.

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