Watch the solar eclipse live – the largest in Norway since 2015 – NRK Troms and Finnmark

Solformørkelse fra Tromsø 25.10.22 11:30

On Tuesday there was a solar eclipse in Norway, which covered at most 64 percent of the solar disk.

Recently last year Was there a solar eclipse in this countryBut this time it will be bigger. The last time a total solar eclipse occurred in Norway was in 2015, and It happened in Svalbard.

Tuesday was the last time some time ago that a solar eclipse would be visible in Norway. Next time in 2025.

According to meteorologist Trond Robertsen, Nordmoor, Trondelag and parts of northern Norway had the best conditions to be able to see a solar eclipse.

In Kirkenes, more than 62 percent of the sun was covered. In Tromsø, the moon is 56% higher than the sun. While Oslo had 40 percent coverage. On the other hand, in western Norway.

The time when a solar eclipse is a little bigger varies from place to place. It would be the greatest in Siberia, but there wouldn’t be a complete eclipse there either.


Enthusiastic about the natural phenomenon

Tromsø is likely to be one of the places of honor this year.

That’s what Steinar Thorvaldsen, professor of computer science at UiT, said. He is passionate about astronomy, and will keep a close eye on solar eclipses with the Astronomy Society in Tromsø.

– Now there’s a great weather forecast, especially in East Finnmark where the solar eclipse is the biggest. The entire region of Northern Norway down to Trondelag has a good weather forecast. It looks very exciting and promising.

Solar Eclipse in Tromsø 12:10 25.10.22

This is what a solar eclipse looked like around 12:10 in Tromsø.

Photo: Burnt Olsen/NRK

Thorvaldsen describes a solar eclipse as an unforgettable natural phenomenon.

You see a little of the dynamics of the universe and the globe, how they meet. Imagine that we learned so much about the universe that we could calculate it in seconds.

The solar eclipse began at 11.08 am. In Tromsø, the eclipse was at its peak at 12:13 pm.

Steinar Thorvaldsen, professor of computer science at UiT, but passionate about astronomy.  Ready for the solar eclipse in Tromsø on October 25, 2022

Steinar Thorvaldsen excited before today’s solar eclipse. He urges everyone to be careful with their eyes and not to stare directly at the sun without protection.

Photo: Hanne Wilhelms/NRK

– Don’t gamble with your eyes

Don’t look directly at the sun! Not with eyes, or with a camera or a telescope. You must have a filter. Solar eclipse filters are best, regardless of their field of application, says astrophysicist Tor Einar Aslesen of the Norwegian Astronomical Society.

Thorvaldsen also understands that one should not “gamble” with one’s eyes.

– He’s staring at what’s dangerous. You only need to stare carefully and for a short moment in case you are going to take any chances.

If you don’t have the right glasses or filters, Aslesen says you can easily make a smart projector out of a simple cardboard sheet.

– Then you make a small hole in the cardboard, point it towards the sun, and then you actually get a little picture of the solar eclipse on the wall. Explain that it is an optical phenomenon.

The hole should be very small, no bigger than the tip of a ballpoint pen, says the astrophysicist.

Solar Eclipse from Tromso 25.10.22 11:30

Solar eclipse in Tromsø on 25/10/22 at 11:30.

Photo: Burnt Olsen/NRK

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