Watch the video when Matias (20) played Green Day in front of 18,000 people

Watch the video when Matias (20) played Green Day in front of 18,000 people

Steinkjer’s Matthias Jensen Svendsen was the lucky one to appear on stage during the Green Day concert in Alesund on June 9.


– It was absolutely unreal.

This is how the 20-year-old describes yesterday’s incident itself to Sunnmørsposten.

she was NRK Møre og Romsdal Who mentioned the case for the first time.

idol met

Svendsen comes from Steinkjer, but studies in Oslo. He was one of those who went on a trip to Ålesund to see their favorite band, and their big idol, Billy Joe Armstrong, was a live performer.


Matthias Jensen Svendsen on stage with Green Day

– It was completely unrealistic to suddenly come face to face with the great hero. You can say that Billy is like the main idol. It was totally wild.

It is not uncommon for Green Day to choose one of the audience to play with the band on stage, and hold the guitar afterwards.

– How did the audience choose you, was it planned for you?

“I had good support from friends for the appointment, but it wasn’t something we talked about earlier, it just happened spontaneously,” says Svendsen.

picture: Jean Eric Finsather

Too sacred to use

And while Svendsen is an avid guitarist in his own band, he doesn’t know if he’ll use it fully yet.

– It’s too sacred to use it. I’ll take good care of it, so we may see how much to use it.

The guitar is a junior Les Paul Epiphone.

– Is it a good guitar?

“Yes, it’s decent stuff, a guitar too good to give away, and too sick to get it as a gift,” says Svendsen.

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