WC – Saves NRK toilet crisis

WC – Saves NRK toilet crisis

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Center At a time when the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK) suddenly felt they existed Financial problem And to get rid of many journalists, the state channel invested in expert national team coach Aji Harid on the occasion of the FIFA World Cup in Qatar.

I don’t know what they’re paying to have him in the VM studio every night, but anyway:

  • From a mathematical point of view, this is a very good investment.

Where NRK seemed to have no chance on the field against TV2 match after match, Hareide and the rest of the gang in the channel’s WC studio corrected much of the impression.

in The FIFA World Cup that was not supposed to take place in Qatar, the friendly dispute between NRK and TV 2 over the quality of coverage is almost without issue.

All of the discussion prior to this tournament was about how these channels would balance their exorbitant World Cup rights with the political challenges inherent in having a FIFA president specifically politically abuse his position.

The football power of Gianni Infantino is used systematically strengthening authoritarian regimes. First Putin at the 2018 World Cup, and then the match against Western democratic values ​​towards this tournament.

Not Everyone here at home gets this frame of criticism of the Qatar World Cup:

I feel that everything Qatar and FIFA are doing is being interpreted in a negative direction. The focus of Norwegian society and the press on boycotting the World Cup has been so great that it is almost impossible to have a normal discussion about the content of this year’s FIFA World Cup.And the So NTNU Professor Joe Jacobsen to Dagbladet that day.

I’ve never seen anything like this before, and it shows a fundamental lack of respect for the FIFA World Cup as an institution.And the I continued Jakobsen as if reading out loud from one of Infantino’s press releases.

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this is entrance is an exciting summary of a far-reaching FIFA President’s project from a master in the field.international politics». Infantino wants one ruin Western democracies special cement strength.

The FIFA president wants us Just We will talk about football

So you have what’s calledRegular discussions about the content of this year’s FIFA World Cup».

but Since Joe Jacobsen introduced himself in this interview as “Football fanaticHe will also receive. Like, for example, some thoughts on the quality of TV coverage of the WC game itself. Because it is very different from the squares in Qatar:

  • Where TV2 built its squads on the field with two veteran footballers, NRK opted for the squad again One Hobby And the One Football expert for every match.

It didn’t go well at all.

The Nothing stands in the way of football fans being able to bring the sport to life in an entertaining way. You just need to adapt the tone and remember the format.

On both points, NRK misses the mark. Here, this modern TV show of Qatar World Cup matches can be the one offered by the channel radio coverage.

And the He. She It in itself is sad enough to listen to for those who are used to football.

this is The group is very large among the viewers who exactly follow them this is tournament. Where NRK can withdraw Half a million viewers On average at the last FIFA World Cup, the discussion about a complete boycott of Norwegian TV gave a very different market to this FIFA product:

  • Now NRK’s ​​match average has dropped to a low 188,000 in the group stage.

Perhaps this means that this product is for the particularly interested.

and then It applies to football fans behind the microphone to be careful about tone. So don’t pretend You are Who have the knowledge to convey the purely sporting aspects of World Cup matches.

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The two experienced NRK journalists work the other way around. They hardly let One Minutes of broadcasts pass without TV viewers getting any of it He hears that they read.

Because they really have. Every player is associated with stats at all times. It’s a great memory, but most of all the misunderstanding of football broadcasting.

Because reading hard-hitting stats or fun facts rarely matches what’s currently on TV, and because all that sometimes meaningless chatter creates a soundscape that obscures what’s really going on on the field.

I was shocked: The man who was responsible for the USA’s bid to the 2018 and 2022 World Cups was, to put it mildly, upset when Qatar won the World Cup in 2010. VIDEO/INTERVIEW: Jonas Jeffer
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Just Of course, NRK football experts Niels Johan Semp and Karl-Erik Torp see this. And they convey what they can in a good way.

Simpe, who has a long experience behind the microphone, has developed into one of the best football commentators in the country. The younger and less experienced Torp also has this opportunity if NRK management checks what good moves TV2 is making in these World Cup matches.

We must learn from it.

for On the toilet squares of the TV 2 Both They sent a strong soccer ball. This broadcast distinguishes several teams with different makeups in the quartet of Øyvind Alsaker, Morten Langli, Petter Myhre, Jesper Mathisen and Simen Stamsø Møller.

All of them were players or coaches; a background that makes it easier for them to stay in the game itself; Then use statistics and other facts where appropriate.

or to say it with Peter Myhre; The LSK coach who has now resigned from TV 2 in order not to confuse things when the channel takes over the rights to the best Norwegian football again in 2023:

Sometimes knowledge helps.

He. She The statement wasn’t self-congratulatory, but he sighed from his comment box last night about the obvious choice made by meticulous Portugal coach Fernando Santos to drop Ronaldo from the starting line-up.

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He thanked substitute Gonzalo Ramos for the confidence and knowledge by scoring a hat-trick in a 6-1 win over Switzerland in one of the World Cup’s most spectacular displays.

It would have been nice to have Petter Myhre alongside Øvind Alsaker through all the fun to talk effortlessly together about why Ramos and the Portuguese outclass a Swiss side known for their ability to defend against the best.

The It is precisely this knowledge-based community that has characterized NRK’s ​​WC studio. There, Åge Hareide is a stalwart with all his experience from the stadiums and locker rooms of Norway, Sweden, Denmark and England:

It is better to misswarned long before Spanish veteran Sergio Busquets missed his number three penalty kick at the end of a heavy loss against former colony Morocco.

Hareid can talk about such things and believe, because he was the same in a similar penalty shootout in the last World Cup with the coaching responsibility for defeating Denmark. In NRK’s ​​WC studio, he is also assisted by a fun team with very different football backgrounds, as well as good airtime. without Ad outage.

The result was really good. NRK can when they want. You just have to listen to how they choose to prioritize the sport’s natural vision in their communication with cross-country skiing.

this is It is about nurturing culture. And there’s good reason to talk about it after an evening out as Morocco finally gets paid for its strong national football culture.

This place in the quarter-finals at the expense of Spain after a penalty shootout is a sporting enhancement to any World Cup. In a global movement threatened with political division, every new advance for Africa is a good thing.

Precisely because it helps the world take an interest in football as a powerful everyday culture.

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