– We are disappointed – V.G

- We are disappointed - V.G
Withdrawal: The Center Party and party leader Trygve Slacksvold are losing members after a row over the Kin municipality.

Half of the Kin Center Party’s municipal committee has resigned from the party in protest.

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– Friedrich Ekberg says that we feel betrayed by our own party, so we go to protest by withdrawing.

He has represented the Center Party in the municipal council in Kin, but is now an independent. On Thursday, six representatives and deputy representatives resigned from the party with immediate effect.

As a result, the Center Party lost more than half of the party’s seven permanent municipal representatives.

– It is with a heavy heart that we see that the Center Party is failing and not standing straight on the most important demands despite having the opportunity to intervene to divide the municipality of Qin. liberation

The municipality of Kin was formed in 2020 when the municipalities of Flora and Vaxøi were voluntarily merged, and is referred to as “Norway’s strangest municipality”.

Disappointment: Former Center Party representative Fredrik Ekeberg was one of six representatives who resigned from the Center Party on Thursday.

Last week The leadership of the Qin Center Party also resigned.

“Unfortunately, we have to mention that the Central Party is going against the pillar of its own value and appears to be sacrificing the will of the people in Voxoi for domestic peace in government collaboration with the Labor Party,” the declared municipality writes. Council representatives.

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“Norway’s strangest” municipality passed

Earlier in September, A A majority in the Kin Municipal Council shall not divide the municipality into two. This is according to the poll, and there was one Kin does not have a majority to pass.

But I am In the northern – i.e. old Vågsøy municipality – the majority was in favor of splitting the municipalitywith 58 percent.

Shared: In 2020, the two municipalities of Vågsøy and Flora in Vestland were merged into the municipality of Kin. Not everyone is happy about it.

– Vedum laughed and cheered

Egeberg believes that the Center Party should listen to this majority.

– Vedum stood with us, laughing and cheering. “We got the impression that he supported us in this struggle, that he worked for it, but it seems that may not have been the case,” Ekberg says of the party leader.

– We feel like a bargaining chip, which has been played in the negotiations that the Labor Party dictates, Eigberg says.

Ryfylke is also there Central party leaders criticized their own party The municipality of Forsand then had to stay in Sandnes.

– Do you think the Central Party should consider leaving the government?

– Yes, I actually thought about it a few times. They have brought a wonderful agricultural settlement, but there is much else they cannot provide. Ekeberg says it’s symbolic and one of the most important issues they went to vote on.

– Not everything gets approved

The central party has been informed about the criticism of the party and the party leader.

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– I understand their disappointment and want to thank them for their efforts. I want them to be in the team, I think it’s a shame they left,” says Erling Sande, a former party colleague and member of parliament.

– But they don’t need thanks, the municipality needs liquidation, right?

– Sande says that what the government has said is that they will not violate the decisions of the municipal council that they voluntarily annexed.

SP Comrades: Storing representative Erling Sande (SP) from Sogn og Fjordane with party leader Trygve Slaksvold playing the role.

He feels it is a shame that the city council did not push for a referendum in the northern part of the city council.

Sande says the Center Party’s primary position is to heed the majority vote in the former municipalities.

– I might have liked the hartal platform to say something else about these things, but we have only 13.5 percent voters nationally. We don’t get approval for all our policies, he says.

– Has the central party lost the negotiation here?

– In any case, there is a difference between the primary position of the Labor Party and the Center Party, and you lose something in the negotiations. Domestically, the Labor Party’s view on the matter is the majority.

Summary: The image is Måløy, the administrative center of the former Vågsøy municipality.
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