– We are hiding – VG

- We are hiding - VG

AS Roma (VG) (Roma – Bodo/Glimt 4-0, 5-2 overall) Ola Solbakken (23) was disappointed after Roma played Bodo/Glimt at the Olympic Stadium.


After a week of chaos and writing after the noise of the tunnel at Aspmyra, heroic Rome headed straight for the throat of Bodø/Glimt, who seemed uneasy and did not enter the fight.

We seem to be dropping our shoulders so low, we seem indifferent, says the Glimt player for Viaplay.

– It’s frustrating to watch. He continues: I feel like we are looking at the ground and hiding.

In an effort to solve the problems, the Bodø/Glimt players rounded up the team after both 1-0 and 2-0. But when the third setback was a reality, they pushed Al Sadd towards the midfield.

– Not good enough. If we lost 4-0 and at least did our best…we talked about enjoying the experience. We didn’t do that today. We hid. It didn’t look like we were going to be there, and we deservedly lost 4-0. Surely there could have been more.

I don’t feel like we’re losing 4-0 with dignity. I feel like we’re hiding and not defending each other. We play more individually than a team. It’s not a Bodo/Glimt. Solbakken says I feel bad and bad.

It might cost more than we wanted

In the post-match press conference, he spoke more about the disappointment.

– The European Cup matches here should be a bonus and a fun experience, but today we don’t seem to have had much fun. That’s the most frustrating thing – that he didn’t shine and it wasn’t the glow we had in every European Cup match. He says it’s the most disappointing thing we don’t have today.

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The winger also acknowledges that the hype surrounding Kjetil Knutsen in recent days may have been losing energy.

– We tried to put him behind us, or in the club, so that they could talk, but it probably cost us more than we wanted and what we thought. “I think we as a group have been a good group to acknowledge that and focus on what we can do about it,” Solbakken says at the press conference.

Knutsen is upset: – Unbelievable

Coach Kjetil Knutsen was also interviewed on Viaplay. Watch the match from the stands with two policemen. He was not allowed to be on the field due to a row in the player’s tunnel after the match in Bodo.

There is talk of ‘fair play’ and there are many things that are being talked about. The goalkeeper coach was allowed to be in the dressing room and outside during the warm-up period. It is unreasonable, these rules, the consequences of things. We cannot take it seriously. Knutsen claims that we learn from everything in life, and I can’t help but shake it off.

I think the consequences of things that happen should be investigated in an appropriate way, and then I think the consequences – if they have consequences – should be the same for everyone. Walking around here nine days with X number of policemen around me, says Knutsen, was a new experience, I must say, and repeat that “this goes against my values, with the values ​​of the club, with the Norwegian sporting values”.

In Knutsen’s absence, it was assistant coach Morten Calvins who led the team.

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I got it hard: Ola Solbakken and Bodø / Glimt lost a great deal to Roma.

– There were no messages from Kjetil along the way. I don’t know what the players in the ring were talking about. The break was constructive and unified. We had tough times in the first half, and we were afraid the players would be more nervous and disappointed than they were. We had to spend some time in the backgammon Roma, which partly surprised us. It made us open up about places on the field that surprised me,” Calvins said at the post-match press conference.

Matches: Kjetil Knutsen (in a gray jacket) watched the match from the stands.
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