We are now officially a front-line country against Russia

We are now officially a front-line country against Russia

NATO created land corridors that could quickly move American forces to the front against Russia. Norway is such a corridor.

In an article in Telegraph it's called: NATO land corridors could push US forces to the front line in the event of a European war.

NATO is developing several “ground corridors” to quickly bring American troops and armor to the front lines in the event of a major attack. European land war with Russia.

The US soldiers will then land at one of the five ports and will be directed through pre-planned logistical routes to counter a possible attack from Moscow, officials told The Telegraph.

This comes amid warnings from senior NATO leaders that Western governments must prepare for this Conflict with Russia over the next two decades.

Logistics routes have become a major priority since NATO leaders agreed last year to prepare 300,000 troops to keep them in good condition. High defense readiness The alliance at the Vilnius Summit in Lithuania.

Current plans call for American troops to land in Dutch ports before boarding trains that will take them through Germany to Poland.

Plans are also being made to move troops through Balkan ports, as well as through Norway, Sweden and Finland.

In these corridors, national armies will not be constrained by local regulations and will be free to move cargo without normal restrictions.

In the past, the French government has complained that its tanks were stuck at foreign borders due to bureaucratic processes while trying to deploy to Romania as part of a new defense arrangement against a feared Russian invasion.

Over the past five years, JSEC has conducted assessments on behalf of NATO to discover different methods that could be used to deliver forces to fight the Russian invasion.

JSEC – Joint Support and Empowerment Leadership

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The attack on Russia is camouflaged as a defense

Anyone with a modicum of military insight can see that this is not a defensive plan. It is an attack plan, an American plan to attack Russia using Norway and other countries as front-line states.

This offensive war policy is part of America's desperate struggle to maintain global supremacy. For this reason, they will make Europe a battlefield, and the war they are planning will be a nuclear war, as everyone who thinks about it realizes.

They can do this because European politicians, including all parties in Parliament, have become willing tools of US and NATO imperialism and war politics.

See for example Roodt praises the so-called “defensive settlement” This will increase Norwegian military spending by hundreds of billions of kroner over the next five years.

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