We are the ones who breathe

We are the ones who breathe


The coronavirus runs in the family. Here’s a story about the ridiculously inadequate strategy to reduce contagion.

Don’t Breathe Free: In the half-shape section of this secondary image, I have arms crossed. It is not recommended, as it makes breathing with your stomach more difficult. So we bring in pieces without weapons. Photo: Lars Evind Pons/Dagbladet
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It’s a workout I’m doing a good workout right now: I breathe with my stomach. On the NRK radio show “Norwegian, Swedish and Danish” this weekend, the Dane (Hassan Pressler) claimed that their version of the phrase “breathing from the stomach” is called “breathing from the middle body”. In the second week of infection with the Corona virus at home, the Danish version seems more appropriate than the Norwegian version.

a queue: Many of them have to queue for hours for the coronation test on December 3, 2021. Video: Magnus Paus. Reporter: Stian With.
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Not There are plenty of other things that suffice when the children are isolated, the family is tested, the neighbor’s dog (coronavirus owner) is broadcast and so on. My job is to learn about various issues to write analyzes and comments, but now I hardly have time to respond to emails. However, School of Life has given me a pretty good idea of ​​a few things lately: getting coronavirus at home, the ridiculously inappropriate strategy of testing, isolation, infection detection and quarantine (TISK) in general — and work on prevention. Infection in schools in particular.

Breathe with your stomach/crotch, and persevere with some details from my daily life that explain why the current system isn’t working.

I have three children. The youngest was diagnosed with corona last Sunday, a little more than a week ago. By that time, the Corona infection had already swept the school. PCR tests showed that the other two – and we, the parents, were no longer infected. If we’re going to follow the rules that apply now, he’ll be the oldest in school already on Tuesday, after a negative PCR test and a negative home test. She still didn’t want to go to school because she was afraid someone might get hurt, and she’s old enough to do well with school assignments from home.

We parents saw little reason to argue about this. My employer does not want me to work as long as a family member is injured. Who knows, maybe our seniors got it by themselves Full vaccination has a 25 percent risk To be infected if a family member has COVID-19. Our middle child also had negative tests, but cold symptoms. And so we kept it at home.

Because we are the oldest She was home from school and obviously couldn’t attend the two entertainments she went to, nor did she attend a birthday party. On Saturday, the youngest came out of seclusion. We were still selling tickets to a theater show that we were due to go to on Sunday. It should turn out that he is not that stupid.

We did a home test (not required) on Sunday on everyone just out of curiosity. The largest of them was infected with Corona.

Had we followed the rules, she would have been to school almost all week and had been shot almost freely. Infection control measures are few. It also risks infecting several groups of children and young adults in connection with leisure activities, birthdays – and a crowded theater hall.

If the goal is to limit the spread of infection – what is that kind of order in the world? I feel like the breath isn’t going down the stomach properly, but rather swings between the nose and throat at a brisk pace.

‘we’ve got Well, we’re not on the Ukraine-Poland border, and we don’t have cancer,” my wife told me several times last week. She was right, of course. And so, I can also respond with warnings about peace and order when I collapsed on Sunday afternoon after a half-hour queue. Outdoors in the test center at minus 10. It turns out, thank God, that breathing in a bandage has the same effect as breathing in a paper bag to calm a panic attack.

I also breathe more than my stomach. Encouraging spouses and other people not to get upset is a good thing. In no case should the community be closed down without it being absolutely necessary. Vaccines prevent serious diseases, and booster doses may now appear to have the effect of reducing the number of older adults admitted. Shout out to that, but the total number of admissions is increasing.

As the rules are now, the result will still be an increased spread of infection, and thus an increased risk of overcrowding in the health care system (which was supposed to handle more intensive care patients).

Much is uncertain, and more after an omikron variant announced its arrival. However, the choice is now between two things: tightening the TISK system and introducing stricter infection control measures in schools, or having to close more of the community as a result of increased infection pressure.

Even before the government’s austerity measures came last week, the Norwegian Directorate of Health had proposed introducing recreational quarantines. This means that everyone with a corona infection in the family is not given the opportunity to participate in indoor activities, except for school and work – regardless of vaccine status. The government ignored the recommendation.

Now the National Schools Association is also requiring a yellow standard in schools and kindergartens across the country. The association believes that the red level should be introduced in municipalities and places where the infection is frequent and increasing.

With quarantine and free time More action in schools, it may be possible to achieve what we want – to reduce infection. In the meantime, I breathe with my stomach, open another hole in today’s vaccine calendar, breathe in the bandage and count the days until Christmas while I wait for the next person in the house to get infected.

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