– We believe that motivation is linked to the child – NRK Vestland

Janusz Hnatko

On the third floor of the Prosecutor’s Office of the Krakow Region, there is a document on the table.

On paper the name of a Norwegian man in his twenties.

This is where Prosecutor Janusz Hanatko, who is in charge of the prosecution in the case in which the Bergen-based man is accused of murdering a Polish woman, works.

The man is also accused of abducting their common child.

– He kidnapped a little girl, so we assume that the motive behind his violent behavior is related to the child, says Hanatko.

Location: Behind this door the deceased woman lives with her daughter.

Photo: Adrian Nyhammer Olsen / NRK

Maybe he was killed at night

The murder is said to have taken place on Saturday night.

The woman was found dead in the bedroom of the apartment in Ushim.

A bloodied kitchen knife was found at the scene.

The discovery was made at 5 pm on Saturday and the man was arrested at 10 pm the same day. According to Google, it takes about 13 hours to drive Oświęcim to Copenhagen.

Yanoush Hanatko

He thinks the motive is clear: – He kidnapped a little girl, so we assume that the motive for his violent behavior is related to the child, says Hanatko.

Photo: Adrian Nyhammer Olsen / NRK

NRK was told that the child may have been sleeping in a different room than the one in which the woman was killed.

In addition to the knife, we secured other evidence that the killer was the man who kidnapped the child, Hanatko says.

He says the police have a clear picture of what happened, but won’t answer questions about whether witnesses heard screams in the night.

Drive to the Czech Republic

From Oświęcim is the fastest way out of Poland to the south to the Czech Republic. It was just that way the guy took it, Hanatko says.

After the murder, the man took the woman’s car. Hanatko says he didn’t drive north toward Norway, but toward the Czech Republic and then on to Germany and Denmark.

NRK has been informed that Polish police believe this indicates that the act was planned.

Regarding the investigation, Hanatko will not go into detail about the evidence the police have.

Driving route: The man took the fastest route out of Poland and traveled southwest to the Czech Republic.

The woman will undergo an autopsy today

The little girl returned to her home in Oswiecim on Tuesday, according to Polish media.

The deceased woman will undergo an autopsy on Tuesday.

The autopsy is expected to reveal the cause of death and with what weapon. Although this is clear from the evidence, we have to make sure of it, says Hanatko.

The man accused of the murder was detained for 72 hours in Copenhagen at the end of the week. He will appear at a new constitutional hearing on Wednesday morning.

Constitutional interrogation is a Danish legal procedure for imprisoning persons suspected of a crime.

Poland sent Denmark a European arrest warrant, and therefore requested his extradition.

– If the judge believes the grounds for extradition exist, he will then be detained until he is extradited, a police spokesperson tells NRK.

There will likely be closed doors at the constitutional hearing.


I’m in Poland covering the murder case in which a young Norwegian was accused of killing the woman he had a child with.

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