– We brought back the color intensity from the 1850s


With an emphasis on colour, an acoustic ear and a heart for reuse, architect Marianne Fiedler Gulixen has furnished the new event spaces for UiO at Domus Bibliotheca

Traditional and Modern: – This blue gives energy in a gray and conflict-ridden time, believes Marianne Fiedler Gulixen, architect and project manager for the renovation and furnishing of the event spaces at Domus Library. The pink design sofa is a used purchase.

picture: Ola James Sather

– In these rooms, all the walls were gray, says the chief architect of UiO Property Management Marianne Vedeler Gulliksen. The rooms you show are the university’s new event spaces in the Domus Library in Karl Johan.

When the Law School moved to new modern buildings in the new Domus Juridica in Tullinløkka in 2020, the old library buildings became vacant, and it was decided to convert them into event and meeting venues.

Marianne Fiedler Guliksen, in addition to being the director of the renovation project, was responsible for architecture and design.

The tour began in the vestibule where the library office was converted into a reception and service area.

Acoustic Actions: The large image in the vestibule is an acoustic image designed to absorb sound. (Photo: Ola James Sather)

The colors in the room are strong. Plexiglass behind the shelves at the table The color is purple, the walls have a yellow color which Guliksen refers to as Sienna. Column row received gold-plated crowns.

A large picture on the wall is framed in the same purple as the shelves at the reception desk.

Guliksen explains that it is an acoustic image designed to absorb sound.

The trim is a close-up of some elaborate sleeves. Regards who came from far and near On the centenary of the university in 1911.

Three new meeting rooms

In addition to the vestibule, the buildings consist of three large buildings room, et middle room and one Under the mezzanine in the middle roomAnd the which Gulliksen describes as a multi-purpose room.

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Marianne Vedeler Gulliksen refers to the largest room as the middle room because it is located in the middle of the building. This was originally a courtyard which was later converted into a hall with a glass roof and ornate walls. Guliksen calls it the louver hall.

The room was previously used as a reading room.

-Unlike the other rooms, which were gray when the renovation was made, in 2014, this room was returned to the color scheme it received in the 1880s, says Guliksen.

The reading room seating has now been replaced by chairs, the room’s stage has been designated, and modern audio-visual equipment has been incorporated into the old bookshelves. Some equipment was delayed due to the war in Ukraine, but soon everything had to be in place.

Best room for preservation: In the middle room, the colors haven’t changed, but here too the acoustics have been improved (Photo: Ola Gamst Sæther)

Otherwise, there are not many changes.

All work on the building was carried out in close dialogue with the national monuments, and in this room we were not allowed to do much, says Guliksen.

The acoustics were bad

She was allowed to place sound-absorbing panels over the bookshelves. On the mezzanine at the end of the room, you will also place furniture that can help provide better acoustics for the room.

The acoustics in the rooms were poor. We’ve spent a lot of time and effort finding good acoustic metering in these buildings, as revealed by Marianne Fiedler Gulixen.

Old legal books in the bookshelves along the long walls in the middle room help maintain the character of the library, but these books also have an audio function.

With the exception of the central room with a glass ceiling, the ceilings are clad with soundproof panels, and there are sound-absorbing panels above almost all the shelves. In some places, audio and wallpaper images have also been placed Inside the bookshelves.

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Colorful Acoustic Measure: The textured acoustic backdrop inside this bookcase picks up the gold color of the capitals and the room’s blue-green wall color. (Photo: Ola James Sather)

In addition to the large central hall that will be used for various types of events such as debates, meeting series, presentations and debates, the building has three other types A room that can be used for meetings and events, a purple room with large serving tables, a With windows facing Karl Johan and one with windows facing Fredericks Gate.

teal room

The room facing Karl Johan is furnished in blue and green.

Here we started with Iron Yellow and ended up with this color, which I think turned out very nice, comments the project manager.

Guliksen asserts that we have brought back the intensity of color from the 1850s.

Large meeting and event room: The large room facing Karl Johan is furnished in blue and green. (Photo: Ola James Sather)

We have taken the color palette as a starting point Thorvaldsen MuseumDenmark’s first public museum, was completed in 1848. The goal was to find colors that match the building’s original colors and that harmonize together, she says.

The sofas in the room are roughly the same color as the walls in the room facing Fredericks Gate, and Gulliksen refers to the room above sea level.

With the color palette of the Torvalds Museum as a starting point: the room on the left faces Karl Johan. The blue room at the end of the corridor faces the Fredericks Gate. (Photo: Ola James Sather)

Much of the modern furniture on the premises is reused, taken from the UiO Furniture Depot or bought second-hand.

The white 19th-century doors from the corridor to the middle room were also bought used.

Reuse has been an important principle in the rehabilitation and furnishing of buildings, as our guide points out.

The super high room has frosted glass in the lower sections of the large windows to dampen the visual and acoustic noise from Frederiksgate, where there is sometimes heavy traffic.

Gulliksen would like to know what we think about the color in the room.

Ultramarine means beyond the sea. I think this is a color that speaks to youth and a color that gives energy to another gray and conflict-ridden time, she comments.

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Decoration on the audio record: The decoration on one of the bookshelves is from Magnus Lagabøte’s Land Code. (Photo: Ola James Sather)

There are a lot of things to show off. On some shelves in In the purple space between the blue-gray space and the middle space, small ornaments were inserted on the sound absorbers.

It’s been 750 years since Magnus Lagabøte gave Norway a national law. The book delivered is an image of Domus Library from its time as a library and as a new arena for communication and dialogue at UiO, Gulixen stated.

On another shelf, a section with the signature of the chief librarian of the Royal Library in Copenhagen is inserted. He was the one who chose the duplicates that were sent to the newly established university in Christiania, says Gulliksen..

I am glad to let you work creatively

Marianne Fiedler Guliksen previously worked as project manager for several large renovation projects, including the cathedral in Oslo.

I am grateful that this time UiO gave me the opportunity to be a project manager and an architect. She says it was nice to let her work creatively again, and reveals that she was very excited about how the building worked with so many people. Will acoustic measures be sufficient?

When on September 21 Svein Stølen made the official launch of what’s on UiO referred to as UiO .’s New Chat and Publishing ArenaShe can breathe a sigh of relief.

It worked perfectly.

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