– We can not anymore

- We can not anymore

The test capability in Oslo is knee-deep. Health Councilor Robert Stein (Labor) tells Vijay.

Robert Stein is the Health Councilor in Oslo. He sounds the alarm on behalf of the municipality’s testing ability.

In Oslo, there are already long queues for corona testing. In addition, infection is increasing and isolation may be replaced with more trials. Oslo Health Councilor Robert Stein (Labor) is now very concerned about efficiency.

– We are probably days away from the system that failed to deliver, he says V.G..

– Now the test regime is too burdensome, we can no longer, Stein says.

The municipality of Oslo sent a letter to the Norwegian Directorate of Health on Thursday, the newspaper writes. They write there that the test offer will soon be broken. The waiting time will be “unacceptable”. The rows will be “bigger”. Not only that: they don’t have quick enough tests.

According to Stein, about 10,000 people are tested every day in Oslo. About 40 percent of them have already received a positive answer to the quick test and the result of the PCR test will be confirmed.

Now Stein is asking for changes.

– We need to reduce the queues, and simpler, if we remove those who have already taken a positive quick test from Monday, he tells Vijay.

The government’s plan is to carry out the experiment instead of isolating it. Now they are waiting until there are enough tests. The National Institutes of Public Health (NIPH) and the Norwegian Directorate of Health are already interested in this change.

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