– We don’t take risks – VG

- We don't take risks - VG
Clash: Heidi Wing, here with Therese Juhaug, during the World Cup Final in Fallon in March.

It’s been over two months since Heidi Wing (30) fell on the ice on her way to training. My concussion ended my normal workouts. Now the first batch of the season can reach the skateboarding profile.


Not at a normal level, national team doctor Ove Feragen tells VG, when asked how the national team file is training now.

– In general you should be careful when hitting your head. The status so far is that she is patient and takes the time she needs. We don’t take risks.

since then He fell on the ice on his way to training in late March Veragin says Weng has tried to build slowly but surely. He points out that a lot is about controlling the load based on how you feel and not training so hard that symptoms or discomfort return after a concussion.

– We’ve taken the position that we should be careful in the hope that it won’t take too long.

Do not know how Wong trains

Heidi Weng has not responded to VG’s inquiries about how she has trained in the past.

Cross-country coach Espen Bervig notes that the newly appointed coach, Sjoer Ole Svarstad, will start work on June 1 and therefore will not be available to respond. He writes in a text message that the cross-country manager himself has no detailed idea of ​​the profile training.

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National team doctor Virgin says he doesn’t know if Wing has trained on any running or roller skates during May. Nor the number of hours or sessions a 30-year-old gets per week.

Thus, no one in the Norwegian Skating Association has any answer as to how exactly Weng has trained in the past two months.

You have a few answers for WENG: cross-country coach Espen Bervig, here during the team’s presentation for the national teams in early May.

– I’m not sure if she enjoys it

Next weekend, and more specifically on Saturday 4 June, the national teams across the country will start the season in earnest. Then a week-long meeting awaits at Sognefjellet – but with Weng?

It is questionable whether they are logical and whether they are fun or useful. Veragin says, we have to take him when he gets close.

National team doctor Veragen says he has “no indication that more athletes are unsure of participating in the first rally of the season”.

But on Friday, VG was in touch with Terrell Odnis-Wing, Anne Kirsty Calva, and Geer Indre Rogen, Helen Marie Vossholm’s personal trainer. They assert that April and May were months of severe illness.

Illness: Anne Kjersti Kalvå, here during last season’s Tour de Ski.

The body can’t stand it

– We’ve been in a bubble for two years. Now we’ve lived quite a bit in the last couple of months and we’ve seen more people. exposed to more bacteria. Calva says the immune system may be worse after two years of isolation.

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The body cannot stand it. We are very open to everything around us, adds Odens Wing.

For the Udnes Weng part, Sognefjell’s group is on the plan, but she’ll take the next one and take a look at it. Calva will keep quiet according to plan, but for her part it is rather a question of whether she will complete the whole.

Terrell Odnis-Wing is here with Team Maiken Caspersen Falla at the Beijing Olympics last winter.

Must consider Fossesholm

Vossholm coach Rogen says the student has a steady training flow after so much illness during April and May. There have been periods of quiet training, but there is still some way before things go normally.

When asked if Fossesholm will be found on Sognefjellet in just a week, Rogn replied that they should make an assessment for her.

– There are good arguments for and against. One of them is that she had a good week of training.

– What it opposes is that there is little height and that there are additional elements when there is a pool. It may be more appropriate to join the rally later in June, Rogen says.

Then the Bø national teams will meet in Telemark just before the start of the joint holiday.

Unsure before assembly: Helen Marie Vossholm, here in a training session during the Beijing Olympics last winter.

Reboot the body

Ane Appelkvist Stenseth tells of a period after the corona around Easter. It took me seven weeks of very quiet activity.

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She is preparing for her first meeting of the season.

– I benefited from completely disconnecting this spring and letting my body reboot properly. Now it would be good to start training, the routine and meet the team again.

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