– We get a sign language course – VG

- We get a sign language course - VG
New rules: Casper Ruud and Rafael Nadal must update themselves with the new rules from July 11th. Here, Rod congratulates Spain on his victory in the French Open final.

Tennis players will have the opportunity to get advice from their coaches during matches from July 11. The change receives a very divided reception.


Tennis is one of the few sports in which players leave themselves once a match has begun. No coach was allowed on the bench, and coaches were not allowed to send messages from the stands. But the rules are changing now – at least for a while.

From July 11 until the end of this year’s season, players will have the opportunity to get advice from coaches, he confirms ATP (International Tennis Federation). That is, Wimbledon (June 27 – July 10) will be the last offline tournament.

– I think it’s really okay, the rules have already been abused. Christian Rudd, father and coach of Casper Rudd, told VG that it was difficult to apply the rules since so many different languages ​​are spoken.

Rudd gets support from former tennis player and now ESPN Tennis Broadcast Analyst, Pam Shriver.

“It’s about time, considering they have such big challenges in enforcing the rules around that training isn’t allowed, says Shriver.” Tennis.com.

Because even if it’s not allowed, words are often exchanged between player and coach in the stands during matches.

– One had to take strict action on the “zero dialogue” rules today. When you don’t, Rudd says, I think it’s a good suggestion to try.

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– Do you and Casper agree on this?

– We haven’t really discussed it much, but I think he likes it, he answers.

However, he is far from everyone who is equally positive about the changes.

– Sad tennis day. Tennis does not need training during the match, he just thinks he needs it, New York Times tennis correspondent Christopher Cleary wrote in this regard. Twitter.

Tennis loses one of the unique characteristics that no other sport has. The player had to figure out things on his own. Such was her beauty, wrote tennis player Nick Kyrgios Twitter.

Only after the trial period will it be decided whether “training” will be allowed permanently.

This winter, Medvedev was not particularly happy with how the “coaching” was punished:

Kyrgios believes it would be unfair to players who cannot bring coaches around tournaments.

“What would happen if a high-ranking player met a low-level player who couldn’t afford a coach?” Australian writes.

– I understand that argument, but those at the top will have a much bigger team anyway. Those with the largest device will have an advantage in any case. Until this argument breaks down a bit, Rod answers Kyrgios’ argument.

Coaches want their coach’s chest to be on the side of the court, but they are only allowed to communicate verbally when their player is on the same side of the court. However, the rules specify that nonverbal communication will be legal.

Are you and Casper going to sign language course in the next few weeks?

– I didn’t think about it much, but it’s a good point. The question is whether we won’t be allowed to attend a sign language course during the summer, Rod answers with a twinkle in his eye.

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