We had to postpone our Pride scenes – VG

We had to postpone our Pride scenes - VG
Cinema: “Listen here!” It will be released in cinemas in the fall of 2023 and is based on Goulraz Sharif’s bestselling book of the same name. From right: Muhammad Ahmad (playing Mahmoud), Lisa Haider (playing Ali), director Kafeh Tehrani and author Gulraz Sharif.

Filming of the new Norwegian film “Listen here!” In full swing, but the production had to cancel the planned pride-related scenes after the tape was shot in Oslo.


The film is based on Goulraz Sharif’s book “Listen Here!” Starting in 2020 – which has become Most of the book borrowed In bookstores in Oslo last year.

When VG was going to visit the set of the movie, they were supposed to record scenes related to Pride, which had to be canceled due to The shooting in Oslo From night to Saturday.

Those who have read the book know that one of the people in the movie gets a revelation in an encounter with Pride – and many of our employees are affected by the tragic event. It affects people personally. At the same time, it gives us the feeling of doing something important, because the themes we tackle in the film are very relevant, says producer Yngve Sæther at Motlys to VG.

He now hopes the film will be a contribution to the struggle for greater tolerance.

Best seller: Gulris Sharif, 38, is from Oslo and works as a teacher. Him «Listen here! It was sold to many countries, including Germany where reviewer Die Zeits describes it as “a clever, complex youth novel about issues of identity in the most beautiful kanak*ghetto style.” (Kanak = Turkish-German dialect).

– We hope it helps you be who you are and love who you want to be. The movie tackles the topic in an entertaining, happy way that gives hope, and we need that now, says Satheer.

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It emphasizes the importance of books and popular culture.

The film can contribute in the right direction and create role models that make it easier for many to be themselves. We hope to reach as many audiences as possible, says Sæther.

A Movie for Our Time: Producer Yngve Sæther at Motlys believes “Hør her’a” will excite a large and diverse audience. – This is a movie of our time.

The production was scheduled to record both scenes during the Pride celebration in Oslo on Saturday, as well as several scenes related to that week.

“We’re waiting for the situation and of course hopefully the Pride Parade will take place again during the summer, both because it will be an important statement that means a lot to a lot of people, but also so we can include it in a movie,” says Sæther.

Goulrez Sharif’s first book “Hoor Hira” became one of the biggest book successes in 2020; I got a set of dice 5 He received, among other things, the Ministry of Culture’s first prize for children’s and youth literature.

background: – I didn’t think the book would kick the “ass” so much!

Crown Princess Mette-Marit is an enthusiast of the book, and she mentioned the following in Bathroom book with Glaries Sharif:

Lou & Gray: Crown Princess Mette-Marit believes that “listening here” should be the curriculum – for both young and old.

One of the wisest, best, and most beautiful youth books I have ever read. It should be in the school curriculum, not only for young people, but for adults. I was so excited, I laughed at first, and I felt like a pill – and of course I cried a lot, says the Crown Prince in the conversation. Royal House website.

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Now an honorable book will be partial He wrote on his cell phoneNow it’s even more extensive when streaming service Viaplay makes movies with production company Motlys and film distributor Arthaus.

Cafe Tehrani is directing, and this will be his first appearance as a film director after a number of critically acclaimed short films. He is known for his sarcastic sense of humor, and author Julriz Sheriff has promised to preserve the book’s sense of humor and tone of voice.

– “Listen here!” It would be a modern, rich, and fun portrait of a wonderful family from eastern Oslo, it would be a comedy with a big heart, says Tehrani, who is self-aware in his unsuitability for Norway today.

I want to make a movie for everyone who knows about it. A film that interacts with those of Pakistani origin and those without.

He is a 15-year-old Norwegian-Pakistani Mahmud from Groruddalen.

He got the lead role: Mohamed Ahmed (soon to be 14) of Draman says he gets to know himself very well in Mahmoud – who he will play in the film. Left: Director Cafe Tehrani.

He’s ready for a two-month summer vacation, but when his uncle comes to visit him from Pakistan, Mahmud has to come and show him all that Oslo has to offer. Meanwhile, little brother Ali has a secret that puts Mahmoud and his family on the line.

After a great search for primary and secondary schools in Oslo and the surrounding area, they finally found Mahmoud with the help of a selection agency:

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Mohamed Ahmed (soon to be 14) from Drammen will be tough in the face and weak in this role, telling VG that he’s demanding and fun at the same time.

Mahmoud describes it as follows:

– He’s funny, sarcastic, takes care of his little brother and gets no peace, Muhammad tells VG through production – and adds that he recognizes himself a lot in character:

– I he is Basically Mahmoud. We have the same way of talking but not the same family. He has a Somali best friend. And so am I, says the young, novice actor.

Author and educator Gulriz Sharif pinches his arm over everything that happens with his book.

Imagine that he would allow Mahmoud to speak on the big screen. I debuted as an author with this book, and then all this awesome happened. Gulraz Sharif says I am in mild shock.

The film will be released in cinemas across the country in the fall of 2023, after which it will be shown on Viaplay.

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