– We have a greater responsibility on these refugees

- We have a greater responsibility on these refugees

It has been almost three weeks since Russia invaded Ukraine, and it is reported that human lives are being lost every day. The brutal war has already led to a massive refugee influx across European borders.

The government has publicly stated that Norway has opened its doors to Ukrainian refugees and is further revealing where they can stay.

This possible arrival of Norwegian refugees was one of the topics discussed at the Conservative Party’s board meeting on Sunday afternoon. Party leader Erna Solberg came to the government with a clear message. She missed the clear refugee plan for Ukrainians coming to Norway.

– There should be a system to keep refugees coming to Norway in Norway. It is imaginary that some refugees from Ukraine will stay, we do not know anything about that yet. I think it’s good to make sure they now have a quick chance to go to work and learn the Norwegian language, Solberg tells Netavicen.

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He believes that one of the concrete steps that the government should introduce is a quicker path in working life. This is because we still do not know how long the war will last.

– I think this is a group that benefits by going to work quickly and earning their own money. If this now lasts for three months or even a year, it is clear that people may want to return to Ukraine. But if it lasts 5 years, people may want to stay here, says Solberg.

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– A great responsibility

Recently, many have noticed The friendly tone of the right against the refugees flows. Never before have Norwegians been involved in a war that does not directly concern our own country.

There are many parallels to the war in Syria and the arrival of refugees in 2015, where some say the political tone is different. However, the former prime minister believes that the situation in Europe is different from what we have experienced before.

– I probably feel we have a greater responsibility to the refugees coming from Europe. We must remember that Poland is now Poland, just as Lebanon and Jordan were to Syria. The immediate part of us, Solberg insists on Netavicen.

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He says the government should help refugees in Poland and Moldova, but bring more refugees to Norway.

– People talk about skin color, that’s the difference, but I think you need to think a little bit about how close it is. It is 200 kilometers less to Kirkenes than to Kiev, says Solberg.

MDG will use oil money

Different parties have proposed different solutions to how to deal with the crisis. Common to all statements, the parties will help the Ukrainians to flee.

MDG President Une Bastholm, among others, went on Twitter and said that Norway should use the profits from oil revenues in Ukraine. If prices continue to rise at the current pace, this could mean billions of kroner.

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– Une Pastolm (@Uneaba) March 11, 2022

Solberg believes this will be of little help when it comes to losing money in the oil financial stock market.

– There are always many good ideas on how to spend a lot of money, but we need to think a little, Solberg tells Netavicen.

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– This war is creating a crisis for many international stock markets, which means we are getting less response, and he says the Norwegian state budget should allow for help.

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