– We have to do a small evacuation.

– We have to do a small evacuation.

In the middle of the broadcast on NRK, the alarm went off at the Marienlyst office. While Jo Nesbø was visiting.

– It sounds like a fire alarm is going off here at NRK. It's flashing red, says presenter Halvor Haugen on air at 10.33am.

“Is that true?” says co-host Anne Lindemo, continuing:

“Now I think this was a surprise from our producer. Is it fair to say this is a bit typical and a bit strange that is happening right now?” Lindemo asks.

– That means we have to play an audio file called “Fire Alarm,” and then we simply have to do a little evacuation here at Marinelist, as you say.

Evacuation: Halvor Haugen (TV), Jo Nesbo and Anne Lindmo had to evacuate during the broadcast. They held a glass of water, a cup of coffee and a bowl of strawberries. Photo: Ragnhild Silkebken / NRK

Harry Hole author Jo Nesbo was talking about getting older when the alarm went off.

– That's life when you're 60. You just hope for a soft landing, and you know it's coming to an end, but a soft landing is the goal.

Then the alarm went off.

NRK press director Ellen Sporstøl told VG that the fire alarm had been triggered and that everyone had been allowed back inside.

– It was accidentally turned on. She says someone was carrying goods into the building and came across the sprinkler system and it turned on.

The same thing was said by the duty commander Tor Odonhus at 110 Central in Oslo. He says it was a sprinkler head that fell.

Contact: Fire engine outside NRK after a fire alarm. Photo: Gabriel Aas Skalevik/VG

At 10:53 the duo is back in the air again.

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– What a drama! Halvor Haugen continues.

“There was a bit of tension. Sorry to say, but I have some memories like when the fire alarm went off at school,” Lindmoe replies. “It was nice to have all the students suddenly have to stand outside in the schoolyard.”

“Reiseradioen” is a specific concept on the radio, which is broadcast live on NRK P1 every summer.

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