– We have to overcome a challenge – Viji

- We have to overcome a challenge - Viji

SLESUND / MOLDE / VESTNES (VG) The Prime Minister’s Office has a vision for four new years. Erna Solberg still does not want to leave without a fight.


At 189 meters above sea level, from the top of the city mountain Axla, scout Erna Solberg (H) and her husband Cindere Fins see Alessunda.

Together, they have walked 418 steps to the roof of the city, during their last election campaign as prime minister and “first man”.

– Seems a bit dark for a new era?

– No, this seems like a good challenge we can manage. There are a lot of voter movements in an election campaign and we have also seen trends in this election campaign, ”Prime Minister Viji says.

Calling the Prime Minister’s plan too provocative in the election campaign would be underestimated. In just five hours from the first day of the trip, he made a trip from Oslo to Alessand, with mental health service, corporate visits and meetings with party colleagues.

For 2872 days, the 60-year-old has led the country from Bergen. Solberg is going to the polls for a new term with his allies KrF, Venstre and Frp. In the last campaign of the election campaign, there was not much in favor of capitalism.

The latest measurement of VG Gives 21.1 per cent to the partyAlso, one has to go back to February to see the numbers above 25 percent Average of measurementsThis is the decision of the party in 2017.

– Do we still need to believe that you can manage another term?

– Yes. It doesn’t matter what you believe in the media, it matters what people believe. Solberg says it was during this time of the previous election that we received a poll on the Tokplate that gave us a ten percent chance of re-election.

The Viji poll shows that even if the two smaller parties, Weinstein and the KRF, end up on the threshold, the bourgeoisie will be able to muster only 67 of the 86 seats needed to gain a majority.

– The Liberal Party is above the threshold in all recent polls, and the KrF is higher than many. And then it’s Frp and to some extent we need to elevate ourselves further, Solberg says.

UiO researcher Jன்rgen Paulstadt offers the bourgeois government program a chance of less than one percent success.

Do you recognize that this year’s reversal is steeper than it was four years ago?

– Right now, Solberg says the opposite slope is not so steep.

– In?

– The question is whether you can make the final flow, it is hard work. The party system is ready for that.

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The Prime Minister’s opinion polls do not indicate the direction of the Prime Minister. In January, Solberg was 20 percent ahead of the Labor leader, 55 percent against the store’s 35 percent.

In recent months, the challenger has continued to take charge, and by the weekend Up to 51 percent responded They want Jonas Kahar Store to be prime minister after the election.

What I think we are starting to see is that as we get closer to election day, those polls are voting more than any party people will vote for. Previously, Solberg says, “she’s smarter than him” could have played a bigger role.

Climate is not profitable by wind

Then UN Climate Report Released in early August, the climate challenge dominated the election campaign.

This seems to have given impetus to climate parties in measurements. However, the main issues of the Conservatives are health, school and work immersed in the election campaign.

Creating jobs, which is one of our most important issues, is not necessarily felt among the electorate as employment is on the rise and the Norwegian economy is gaining good momentum, Solberg believes.

She acknowledges that it is difficult to pass up the debate on climate change.

– We have nothing to be ashamed of when it comes to climate policy. The problem with the debate in Norway, however, is that climate policy is akin to cutting oil. This is just a small part of the discussion. The main thing is to change people’s consumption patterns, he says.

Old knowledge of voice fishing

In Alesund Square, there are a row of election campaign shops. In line, Solberg meets an old acquaintance.

Neeman, that lady? Says FRP leader Sylvie Listack.

His party did worse than expected from opinion polls, which saw them at gaining about a third of the seats. He has traveled to the city in the hope of gathering voters in the region where the party stands strong.

I have been in politics for so long and I know that the election campaign is 14 days long.

He pointed out that the crisis in Afghanistan had led many to flee. She believes that if refugees cross the border into Norway in 2015, it will be a matter of profit for the FRP.

Fan-Boy: The “first man” Cinderella Finn was also with Axla.

A few more stalls in the square, Lene Watchet offers Larscard flyers and chip bags. He has retired from his studies in Oslo to pull the election winner ashore for the Conservatives.

– I’m still optimistic because I see people coming back, she says.

Larscard believes that mobilization among sofa voters can ensure that Møre og Romsdal is more than seven seats away.

Back on the city roof, Solberg and Finns had dinner with local volunteers and parliamentary candidates.

During the election campaign four years ago, Phineas took a picture with Erna Button on the chest. This year, Erna received a button with a picture of her husband.

Are you going to use it too much?

– Of course, she says paradoxically.

Erna has been in debt for 20 years

As the election campaign draws to a close, there could be a major upheaval for the couple who have occupied the Prime Minister’s residence for the past eight years.

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– When you lead minority governments, you have to plan that it will last forever, but be prepared to resign the next day. You should not think that the Prime Minister’s residence is yours, says Solberg.

Cindre, you have borrowed Erna from Norway for eight years, when is it time to say stop?

– I mean, I owe her 20 years. It started when he was the Home Minister, then he became the party leader and now the Prime Minister, he responds.

– Don’t you want to say stop?

– No, it was very bad for us when she was the Home Minister, we had small children. Then the days were hard to go by.

– Are you ready for another season?

– Yes, the couple say goodbye to each other.

No relocation plans

Solberg joked that in recording greetings for weddings, the bride and groom should remember to set aside enough time for each other.

– Wouldn’t it be nice to be together for a while more?

– Yes, but we were together a lot in the epidemic. I was busy with appeals and appointments four to three weeks a month. Now it’s over with groups of one hour, so we can go for a walk and eat crabs, says Solberg.

Finns adds that she does not have to travel to international meetings, which often begin on Sundays.

– If the election is going to go badly, did going to Alesund here hit you?

– We haven’t really discussed it, let’s see what the election brings, says Finns.

Before he could finish, the Prime Minister spoke aloud:

– We have a big house in Bergen, I would like to emphasize, she says, coming out with her familiar smile.

In the exam: Erna has created the Cinderella button for this year’s election campaign.
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