We have two very strong matches on the calendar today

We have two very strong matches on the calendar today

Since 2003, Gamer.no has been curating an annual Christmas calendar, and of course this year’s Advent will be no exception. The 20-year tradition is here again, and we’ve got a bunch of fantastic prizes for you to win this year. There are a lot of things waiting for you beyond the 24 slots, so just log in with us every day in the future.

Two great games from Capcom

Today you can win Street Fighter 6 and Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective – both great games from Capcom.

Street Fighter 6 is this year’s entry in the very popular fighting game series. The game was very well received when it was released, from our side as well.

– Not only is Street Fighter 6 more robust, mature, and visually cohesive than any game in the series before, but the combination of an engaging world tour, comprehensive tutorial sections, and a modern, well-balanced control design also makes it by far the most accessible game in the series to date, our reviewer wrote of Street Fighter 6 earlier this year.

Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective is a remake of a game that first appeared on the Nintendo DS many years ago. In the game, you play the role of a ghost trying to influence the world to prevent people from being killed. The story is written by Shu Takumi – the man behind the first Phoenix Wright games.

We haven’t seen the remake, but we loved the Nintendo DS game when it came out.

– Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective is a very attractive detective game that fits its format perfectly. They’re so creatively and intelligently put together, they’re easy to devote a lot of time to without ever requiring so much at the same time that you can’t easily put them down if you have to. The game offers a unique blend of Japanese fantasy and classic adventure games, coming across as something very fresh and new, our reviewer wrote.

The prize is presented by Capcom.

To enter you must answer the two questions below correctly. The winner will be drawn on Thursday, December 21st.

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