– We made big chances – VG

Angry Norway: Martin Albertsen executed a controversial tactic throughout the match against Norway.

LJUBLJANA (VG) (Switzerland-Norway 21-38) took out the goalkeeper and played with seven players in attack throughout the match. The Swiss coach believed that she was very successful. Martin Albertsen believes that other countries will do what the alpine nation of Norway has done.


The duo of Viaplay commentary Daniel Hoglund and Gunnar Petersen reacts negatively. Høglund thought he was “not giving me anything” when the Swiss shot the goalkeeper and outplayed the Norwegian defence. The Swiss coach sees the exact opposite.

We created big chances and then we’ll keep going, Albertsen tells VG.

He believes that he has found a weakness in the reigning European and world champion, Norway.

– I knew very well that there would be a debate in Norway on this subject. But it is a rule in handball that we play this way. I can only say that there may be other countries watching this match. Because we were alone with the Norwegian goalkeepers 20 times. So we did one thing or the other there. Albertsen adds that Norway has talented goalkeepers.

Silje Solberg-Østhassel saved half of the Swiss’s shots before the break. On the other hand, Norway scored many goals in an empty Swiss cage.

– It’s boring handball, says the goalkeeper, who scored a goal himself.

Handball: Silje Solberg-Østhassel doesn’t like seven-six matches in any way.

– There are many teams that test seven against six for an added advantage. But I think it’s a boring dimension that entered handball, she said.

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– It may well happen, but those are the rules. Then Martin Albertsen repeats that she has to do something with them.

In the main round, Norway will almost certainly meet Denmark and Sweden. The Danes have worked a lot in a seven against six match this fall. Sweden largely surprised Norway with exactly this tactic at last year’s World Cup and were the only country to draw against the world champions in Spain.

On Tuesday, Norway will conclude the group stage against Hungary. They need to make a change after two disappointing opening games. Croatia lost on Sunday.

After applying this, I think more people will use this tactic against Norway, says Martin Albertsen. The Danish-Swiss coach has 20 years of experience in international handball.

– I know that the Danes did it in the European Commission and I think they will present it against Norway. It’s possible to create a very large space, says Albertsen.

– In a sense, perfect training for us, answers Stein Bridal Oftedal.

– There is something about the ministerial reshuffle and filling positions. The times we miss out on defense, we work too much and we end up crossing. It’s dangerous at seven versus six. Captain says it was nice to actually feel it today.

We need to know a little more about this. The biggest challenge, she adds, is to create enough dynamism in the defensive game.

– If we face this later in the tournament, we will know how to prioritize and move on, says Kristen Bristol, who is based in the Norwegian midfield.

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Has Switzerland created a lot of great opportunities for you?

Yes, when they are one another, there are things we must prioritize up and down. Bristol answers, but I think overall we played a good game. The Esbjerg player has become more central in the Norwegian team.

The Challenge: Stine Bredal Oftedal is ready to face Norway seven against six again later in the European Group.

Viaplay expert Gunnar Petersen is not a fan of the game of seven versus six. He is especially believed to take the tricks out of the attacking players. There will be a lot of missions and playoff matches. In addition, many goals are scored without the goalkeeper reaching from the bench to tackle.

-Based on how Norway played in defense against Switzerland, I think more people will do it against Norway than in the EU, Petersen tells VG.

The ex-manager of the national boys handball team believes that Swiss playmaker Christine Kundig has not been able to adequately exploit the gaps in the Norwegian defence.

– There were rooms in the middle of the Norwegian defense. But the Swiss player walked away from this space rather than going straight ahead. Most teams put the shooter in the middle. As a result, Norway has not trained to create the breaches that I believe are important. It shows that it takes very good timing.

– This can be 30 times more difficult against another opponent. The player must be brave and let himself go, as he says and believes that in such situations the opponent must be imprisoned for free throws. Otherwise, the opponent takes advantage of the natural superiority.

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Petersen also believed that the Norwegian wings were too narrow and allowed the Swiss to pass easily.

Norway meets Hungary at 20.30 on Tuesday evening. The match is broadcast on TV 3.

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