– We must by all means avoid falling into terrorists – VG

– We must by all means avoid falling into terrorists – VG

BRUSSELS (VG) Justice Minister Monica Meland said EU countries are united behind a plan to stem the potential influx of refugees from Afghanistan. Now you want to use “eye-scan” to better control those entering the country.


European Union countries are more interested in security than anything else. Norway supports the need to use all tools to prevent terrorists from crossing the border, says VG’s Minister of Justice.

On Tuesday, she was urgently summoned to a meeting of the European Union in Brussels with the interior ministers of all 27 countries. The topic was the situation in Afghanistan, and how the possible new influx of refugees should be stopped.

my knowledge: The Minister of Justice summoned to the EU meeting: – We must prevent a new influx of refugees into Europe

VG accompanied the Minister of Justice on a day trip to the capital of the European Union.

Right before boarding the plane home after a long day, Mailand recounts a successful meeting with my Home Office. She promised that the Schengen countries and the European Union would stand together to maintain their security.

Greater security: It will be more difficult for refugees to cross borders and enter European countries.

The Minister of Justice reveals that one of the tools that will now be used frequently is the so-called biometric, or “eye-scan”.

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Provides more precise control over the validity of documents. Namely, to be able to assure us that those who come are the ones who pretend to be, and in this way we know who to bring into our country, she explains and adds:

– We must by all means avoid falling into terrorists. And we must remember that it only takes one person to create a terrorist attack.

You will help people where they live

Before the EU meeting, Mæland expressed uncertainty About what will come out of the meeting.

– What are you saying now?

– There is great concern in the European Union about the situation in Afghanistan, and there is a similar uncertainty regarding the Taliban and what the future will look like in the country, Milland begins.

She explained that the European Union is particularly interested in preventing the flow of refugees out of the country by helping Afghans in Afghanistan and neighboring countries.

– They must prevent by all means that they are washing the wave of migration across Europe, as happened in 2015, says the Minister of Justice.

And in the official statement of the European Union, which was published shortly after the meeting, the union announced that it now wanted to strengthen cooperation with third countries. At the same time, they promise that they will work with the United Nations and international actors to ensure the security of Afghan refugees.

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“The aim of the European Union should be for people to stay close to home,” German Interior Minister Horst Seehofer told AFP.

Refers to the United Nations on the refugee issue

Mæland believes that the new influx of refugees will first and foremost serve human traffickers and international criminals.

“Without the strict security measures that the EU now supports, we will invite fleeing people who are not entitled to protection under the asylum rules,” says Milland.

– Do you mean that the European Union will hand over responsibility for refugees to the United Nations?

– The European Union wants to take responsibility, but the European Union is also very clear that other countries also bear responsibility. Therefore, she refers to the United Nations as a very natural partner in terms of humanitarian efforts in Afghanistan, she answers and adds:

– But the European Union is ready to contribute, and so are we on the Norwegian side.

So the EU would not endorse a common quota for refugees, which could later be distributed to member states.

Instead, it would be a solution similar to the one that the European Union reached with Turkey regarding the refugee crisis in 2015. Turkey then received billions in support to sponsor an influx of refugees from neighboring Syria, NTB wrote.

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