We now have over 2000 of them in Norway.

We now have over 2000 of them in Norway.

Today, a new supercharging station was opened in Fossatromma by Vøringsfossen.

Now there are more than 2000 of them.

“The Supercharger station has 16 charging pylons, and here is also Norway’s 2,000th charging pylon located in a picturesque setting. “This is a major milestone for Tesla and makes charging more accessible in line with Tesla’s mission to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy,” the company explains in the press release, adding that it has opened several stations over the past few weeks of the summer.

Tesla about the fourth generation:

“V4 Superchargers have a capacity of up to 250 kW, which means shorter charging breaks when taking long-range electric trips in a Tesla. With V4 Supercharging, the capacity between charging posts is intelligently controlled by one or more connected tanks.

V4 Supercharging represents a major technological advance, and European V4 stations will only feature a CCS connector. All Tesla Model 3 and Model Y models, as well as all new Model S and Model X models delivered from Q4 2022 onwards, including in Norway, support CCS charging. Norwegian owners of Model S and Model X models delivered before Q4 2022 can use the new chargers with a CCS adapter, which has been standard equipment for Model S and Model X since May 2019.

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