June 10, 2023


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We were greeted with open arms in the Faroes: – Then we hit the limit

Viewer meetings are organized at regular intervals around Norway. There are gatherings where people meet those who reveal themselves on live television. But this is the first time that a meeting of viewers is held outside Norway.

– We had a tight program. After landing in Torshavn, it was appropriate to assemble in Philadelphia within the city. About 50 people gathered there. And what a reception! We were so waiting! They have been preparing for our arrival for a long time, says the animated Astri, presenter of the programs “Studio Direkte” and “Syng med”. She was with her husband Tom and Jan Hanvold, as well as photographer Magnus Abe.
– I have never met such hospitality, says Astri.
The next day she was across the sea to Skopun Place, which has a population of 1,400. There were about 70 people waiting here. And the reception was the same as in Torshavn. Vision Norway was received like kings and served fish soup ..
– The gathering was at the Pentecostal Church, but there were people from several denominations, Astry says. It is here that the presence of the Spirit becomes particularly strong. When the panegyrics sang “You can offer me anything, millions if you like…”, we experienced a very special outpouring of spirit, says the excited presenter.

– They prayed fervently in advance
– The ointment flows. You know, these people were praying fervently in advance to visit us and the Lord was there, says Astri Weber Gellen Lorends.
On the way back to Torshavn, the 45-minute ride on a rocking ferry and big swells left no room for concern. The forces of nature had their share, while Vision Norway’s representatives rejoiced at what they went through. Yes, even while on the ferry, Jan Hanvold was asked to pray for a troubled elderly person on the ship, and the leader of Visjohn Norge wouldn’t allow himself to pray twice.
The Faroe Islands, this archipelago in the North Atlantic Ocean, halfway between Norway, Iceland and Scotland, has a population of just over 50,000, many of whom have Visjon Norge on their TV show.
– They told us that Visjon Norge TV can be on all day, say the Norwegian actors. – Imagine we mean a lot, says Tom Lorinds. He was responsible for the free lottery prizes always held at viewers’ meetings. There were 10 awards for each of the two chapels visited in the Faroe Islands.

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Faroe Islands are always mentioned
When channel providers have to talk about the degree of coverage, and how far Visjon Norge TV reaches the population, Norway comes first, followed by the Nordic countries and, in a similar vein, the Faroe Islands.
– We are very concerned about this viewership in the Faroe Islands. It is so nice that this intercession has become so popular. This was also the case in the Faroe Islands. We always make a lot of time for intercession prayers,” says Astri Weber Gellein Laurendz, who made the first contact about visiting the archipelago via a lady on Facebook. From there, the snowball started to roll.

Note: Next week, from 13th to 15th April, there will be a new meeting to watch around Astri and others from Visjon Norge, this time in Ebeneser Kautokeino and Ebeneser Tromsdalen, just outside Tromsø. New victory reports pending.