We will allow diversity of opinions

We will allow diversity of opinions

Finalist in this year’s name in Academia

The jury says he is a role model for university leaders. UiS’s Rector Klaus Mohn is the second finalist in the Name of the Year in academia.

A brave critic, he engages in discussions that others put a lid on and defends his employees’ free speech. Rector Klaus Mohn is the second finalist and could walk away from the Name of the Year award in academia.

The Khrono Award will be given the name of the year in academia on Friday, December 17th.

The jury has now chosen three finalists from among them Relatively large number of candidates.

Klaus Mohn, President of the University of Stavanger (UiS) and Professor of Economics, is one of the three finalists.

He is very surprised when Khrono turns the thread to tell us about last place.

– I think it was fun that they were nominated, but there were many other nominees as well. So I didn’t put much in it at the time, but if one of them was in the final heat, it would start to get more serious, Mohn says.

It was also announced yesterday that one of the three finalists in the name of the year in academia was Inger Schgelsbeek, who initiated the debate and settled the lottery over research funding at the Research Council. he His application for research council funding was denied, but he was awarded a prestigious ERC grant for the same application.


Name of the year in academia

  • For the second time this year, Khrono is given the name of the year in academia.
  • The award is given to one or more persons who, by virtue of their opinions or actions, have sparked or shaped important debates in academia and beyond, or otherwise have had an impact on academia as part of society as a whole.
  • The award is given by a jury made up of Khrono . Editor tofe lieProfessor Emeritus Ron Slagstad, Nubian researcher mind holmDirector’s Fret Ord Knut Olaf Omos Associate Professor and President of the Young Researchers Academy Jonas Stein.
  • The jury selected three finalists for the award. They will be offered separately before pricing is announced on December 17th.
  • The finalists are:
  • 1: Inger Skjelsbæk
  • 2: Klaus Mohn
  • 3: To be published on December 12

– I am confused

When he can read the primary statement from the jury about why he was chosen from among the finalists, the president of UiS is moved. she says:

« cog Criticism and opposition Also among his ranks, he lined up with Klaus Mohn trusses under Launch of Klimarealistane magazine. In this way, he raised an important debate about how to relate to an environment that rejects scientifically based knowledge. Instead of theatrical rejection, Mohn met with information and professional arguments. By classifying oneself as a fearless critic of both climate realists and others, get into discussions that others want to put a lid on and Defending freedom of expression for your employeesHe was a role model for university teachers.”

– I’m confused here. This is very, very beautiful and I’m almost a little touched, says Mohn and someone hears it in his voice.

– That’s exactly what I tried. To raise this flag high and to be a courageous leader, and by doing so facilitate my heresy, an open university and to motivate colleagues to participate. Whether we are scientific or administrative staff, in the daily press, in social media and other areas where we can share our knowledge and get motivated from the outside world, Mohn says.

responsive university

The latter is just as important as the first, according to the director.

“I want us to be a responsive university and use what we capture to advance our teaching, research, and social communication,” Mohn says.

Mohn has always had a strong commitment to society, even long before him Took over as director in 2019.

Summer 2017 storm han Search for Socio-economic profitability of oil extraction in Lofoten. As the commitment ended through the Finance Festival KÅKÅnomicsHe has been a member of the Program Committee since its inception in 2016.

For Mohn, it is important to use his knowledge in public debate, to improve the knowledge base, and also in the case of influencing decisions that are not sufficiently informed in principle.

important standalone alternative

It has been very important to me that the university represents an independent alternative that provides impartial knowledge that has not been bought or paid for by anyone. With a society evolving where one can gain any kind of insight against pushback and where powerful interest groups fight for dominant narratives, we must represent an independent alternative, Mohn says. He adds:

– In addition, I wanted to put UiS on the map and my path was to stand out with great commitment in the current public debates and in the publishing arenas.

– Do you mean that all directors of Norwegian higher education institutions have such a proactive role that protects freedom of expression?

No, I don’t think it’s obvious. Everyone has to find their own shape. My look is this and I’m driven here by a personal commitment that makes it natural to me, plus it fits the UI in the situation we’re in. One could also argue against managers who fulfill this role, and it is not clear that Mohn would say that they are professionally and politically involved in the public debate.

Klaus Mohn and freedom of expression

– We have some training to do

The rector of UiS has a permanent column at Stavanger Aftenblad, which he started before he became rector, but has been working on.

There are many times what he wrote there, like When he rewritten, for example, the oil tax, he have Given the main opposition.

or When he tweets a post to the reader A faculty director also wrote about the cover of the new book by Minister of Labor and Social Affairs Hadia Tajik (Labor Party).

– We have some training to do. I am the leader of a large and diverse community. It’s very rare for UiS to have a common view on issues. Not with us as in business, Mohn says, what the leader says is the whole university’s view of the issue, and adds:

We will allow for a diversity of opinions and encourage all employees to participate in the discussion.

– It could refer to this thing that you closed in

Being at the height of competition at such a price can be a sign that you are closed. Do you think you yourself have come close to what you say you have experienced?

Day after day I don’t think much about what I’m going to finish. But this, the final place for what this award stands for, lends itself to it and may indicate that it’s something you’ve been closed to, Mohn says.

Is it worth standing up for you personally?

– Yes, I want to say it. Some discussions are difficult for us. At the same time, I felt we had important issues to defend. In addition, there are cases in which the University of Stavanger and I have mainly benefited as well. Mohn says:

– and I think that every time one takes such a case and fights for one principle or another, the list moves a little in the direction of a good understanding of what a university is. Especially in our area.

The finalists in the Name of the Year 2021 will be presented in Academia tomorrow, Sunday. The award ceremony will take place on December 17th.

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