We will learn from the Ikrim case

We will learn from the Ikrim case

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– The issue was presented in many media outlets as an issue of freedom of expression, as the university, as an employer, tried to silence the opinions of an employee. This is not the case, writes NTNU Rector Anne Borg.

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He has for some time It was through a large and complex personnel issue, which also received attention outside the university. so called Ikrim case It required significant resources, and was a huge burden on everyone involved for several years. The case was also negative for NTNU’s reputation as an open institution with a free exchange of opinions.

some hard In terms of personnel matters, is that the employer has limited opportunity to comment on them externally. It allows for a one-sided – not necessarily fully comprehensive – presentation in the media.

by NTNU This case was related to the working environment of the staff and the learning environment of the students. In situations where the work environment is perceived to be under stress, it is the duty of management to intervene and implement measures that ensure a safe and sound working environment for all employees. The same applies to the learning environment for students.

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On NTNU’s side, this case was about the work environment for the staff and the learning environment for the students.

Ann Burg, Dean of NTNU

The case has several The media was presented as a case of free speech, in which the university as an employer attempted to silence the employee’s opinions. This is not the case. me and My predecessor is in the director’s chair He has stated on several occasions the obvious: Freedom of expression is an inalienable value of NTNU.

our employees He has as much variety of political opinions as in society abroad, and can, like everyone else, express himself and write about anything. NTNU must have a safe and open climate of expression that allows for the breadth of opinions, where established facts are challenged and tested. The university is and will be a haven for lively debate.

What was said, I noticed the discussion. It’s a reminder that we must always have freedom of expression and a climate of expression on NTNU’s agenda. I look forward to the results of the two national studies initiated by the government, and believe that they will be a good platform for promoting awareness of these topics and working with them in the future.

In the case of appeal Really I have now reached a settlement. This means that the appeal is closed, in my opinion, in the interest of all involved. I will not comment on considerations in this context or The content and scope of the agreement.

Now like a call Done, there are a number of learning points that will be important to take with you. It is legitimate and necessary to ask important questions in NTNU’s handling of the case, as the Data Inspectorate has done, among other things. We also do this internally. I will follow up in the new year, both by focusing on leadership in general and conflict management in particular, and by addressing other specific topics of learning.

as manager I have overall responsibility for the work environment for all staff and the learning environment for students at NTNU. Preventive action is the key to success and follow up on problems before they escalate. I regularly receive timely reminders of this as well from my store hosts and fireline.

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