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Last night, Ukraine won the Eurovision Song Contest for the third time. However, the victory of 2022 is completely unique, not only for the Ukrainians, whose homeland is being conquered in parallel with the experience of the folk festival.

Ukraine got a record 439 points from audience votes.

Italian police said on Sunday they had avoided a Russian hacking attack on Eurovision broadcasts, Reuters writes. Thus, the audience was not bothered seeing Kalush’s squad rushing towards victory.

Ukraine was early Featured as favourites To escape by winning this year’s Eurovision. The war brought people together around a singing competition.

Honoring: Fans cheered the Ukrainian contribution during this year’s Eurovision.

Photo: Sarah Louise Bennett/EBU

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has no doubts where People will gather again next year, when, by tradition, the country will host a singing competition.

Our courage conquers the world, our music conquers Europe. Next year, Zelensky writes on Telegram, that Ukraine will host Eurovision.

specially Zelensky will receive Eurovision for Mariupol. The port city in eastern Ukraine was severely besieged during the war. The city has recently become famous for its steel mill battles Azovstal.


Decided: Volodymyr Zelensky is determined to win Eurovision for Mariupol, Ukraine.

Photo: Genia Savelov/AFP

This is where problems arise. What if Ukraine and Mariupol are still at war with Russia in a year? And what if Eurovision commentator Timur Miroshchenko of Ukraine’s national television once again commented on the final from a bomb room in Kyiv?

The Minister of Culture will listen to Ukraine

Culture and Gender Equality Minister Annette Tritbergstein (Labour) believes one should listen to the fact that Ukrainian President Zelensky said his country will host the same final.

– Then I think we should deal with it. If it should nevertheless be suitable for the final to take place in another country, it is NRK itself that must decide whether to offer to carry out the event.

Culture and Gender Equality Minister Annette Trietbergstein (Labour)

Trettebergstuen will relate to the fact that Ukraine itself will host the Eurovision final.

Photo: Amalie Bernhaus ÅRTUN / NRK / Amalie Bernhaus ÅRTUN / NRK

Trettebergstuen thinks it’s great that music brings people together in a powerful way across national borders, and says that’s the whole point of Eurovision.

Time will tell if the Eurovision final can be held in Mariupol, Ukraine, General Stig Carlsen says.

– I think Ukraine will work hard for Eurovision to stay in their homeland. Then we will see what the European Broadcasting Union and the Ukrainian broadcaster have come up with.

Stig Carlsen, MGP Project Manager

Touch: MGP General Stig Carlsen was impressed to see Ukraine’s contribution to this year’s Eurovision.

Photo: Tore Meek / NTB Scanpix

Carlsen himself was in Turin, Italy and witnessed this year’s finale, and thought it was moving to see the winning Kallush Orchestra on stage.

Charlo Halvorsen is the Acting Director of the Marienlyst Division at NRK. He says the dialogue about Eurovision goes through EBU, which is in charge of production.

– We will arrange a big Eurovision for next year. Whether it’s in Ukraine or somewhere else, it’s fun for us too.

EBU: Unique Challenges

If Ukraine cannot host Eurovision next year, it will not be the first time that a winning country cannot host the final.

According to Eurovision expert Morten Westgaard of Eurovision Norway, it is common for one of the so-called top five countries, which consists of Germany, France, Great Britain, Spain and Italy, to play the final on behalf of the others. The last time this happened was in 1980, the expert says.

This is where the Kalush Orchestra learns that they have won Eurovision 2022.

The European Broadcasting Union (EBU) states in Declaration After the final, they have now started planning for next year’s Eurovision with Ukrainian national broadcaster UA:PBC.

“It is clear that there are unique challenges associated with arranging next year’s competition,” says the EBU.

I think Britain will get the final

Westgaard, a Eurovision expert, believes the UK is likely to be asked to host Eurovision in 2023.

– Both because of second place, and they will arrange. Ukraine and the UK have a good relationship. He says Britain has arranged on behalf of other countries in the past.

And according to Stegaard, Sweden and Spain are also potential candidates. They also came out and said they could arrange.

Morten Westgaard, Eurovision Norway

Expert: Eurovision expert Morten Westgaard believes Britain is the hottest candidate to reach the final, if Ukraine can’t keep it to itself.


Justin Pedersen, freelance journalist and former commentator at Eurovision, It is considered violent that Ukraine will host the final in Mariupol.

Pedersen says it is likely the EBU will take care of it himself and tells BBC or NOS they will arrange next year.

Justin Pedersen

The former Eurovision commentator also believes that the UK is a current candidate for the final. At the same time, it highlights the Netherlands as a potential host country.

Photo: NRK

He believes the country won votes of pure sympathy, and he believes there is a lot between the lines in Ukraine’s contribution.

Not to confuse politics with something as simple and naive as a singing contest is nonsense. They sing about their mother, who can be passed on to Mother Ukraine, the mother of all mothers who prayed for peace. We bought spectators.

NATO: – Great popular support

The winning Ukrainian band, led by vocalist Ole Psyuk, is creating so much support that NATO Defense is commenting on the singing competition on Sunday.

– I would like to congratulate Ukraine on its victory in Eurovision. This is not something to be taken lightly, because yesterday we saw huge popular support from all over Europe and Australia for the brave Ukraine, Agence France-Presse quoted the Deputy Secretary-General of NATO, Mircea Guiwana, as saying.

Ukraine will host the Economic and Social Council if Kalush wins.

Singer: Here’s vocalist Ole Bisyok right after the final.

Photo: Heiko Junge / NTB

Vocalist Pesiuk still believes that only sympathy sends the country’s contribution to the top.

– The song was number one according to many bookmakers. Recently, I’ve also heard the song in many of the countries we’ve visited in recent weeks, Pesiuk said when asked if he thought people voted for it only because of the war.

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