Weather and news | Now a warm front is passing Trondelag, but there is one problem

Weather and news |  Now a warm front is passing Trondelag, but there is one problem

It’s nice outside, but like the rest of us, you may have noticed the snow still falling over Trondheim.

So we call the meteorologist, and we only have one question:

Will the snow stop soon?

That was a good question! I’ll make sure.

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Government meteorologist Aleksander Skiltved at the Meteorological Institute Trondheim discovered it in his systems before he came up with the forecasts.

– She still looks cool. Right now it’s getting milder, there’s a warm front running through Trondelag, he says without offering unlimited happy news:

– but what comes from precipitation may still be snowing or sleet in Trondheim. It is also a little colder in Trondheim at night, so the snow that has settled does not have time to completely melt.

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Towards the end of the week and next week, the warm front will pass and after that it will get colder in Trondheim again.

– If I look at the forecast as far as I can see, which will be next weekend, there will of course be periods of sun and sun and sun. So it’s good news. Precipitation in Trondheim will most likely be snow, says Skeltved.

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