weather and snow | Meteorologist: – Do not be afraid! Tomorrow it will be double digits

weather and snow |  Meteorologist: - Do not be afraid!  Tomorrow it will be double digits

Southern Norway saw a cold Tuesday. Now the area gets a two-digit number which is plus degrees. Western Norway and Central Norway have a rainy week, while strong winds blow in the north.

After snow on Tuesday, eastern Norway can expect something very different on the weather front on Wednesday, while northern Norway will have to harden itself in the face of yellow hazard warnings.

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It was a great start to Østafjells’ day with snow and sleet in several places. For those who are not quite ready for winter, fear not! The Meteorological Institute writes on Twitter and tells what the Orientals have in store:

– Tomorrow it will be double-digit temperature and sunshine for almost everyone.

Temperatures up to 14 degrees

State meteorologist Ranvig Eckel, based in Tromsø, explains to Netavisen:

– Wednesday will be a mild day with a temperature of 12-14 degrees. There will be occasional clouds, but some sunshine.

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– Then it gets colder

There are more weather-related events throughout the week:

– Wednesday will probably be the mildest this week, then it will be colder, at least in western Norway. Here, rain is also expected every day until Saturday. Eastern Norway, we think we get the most stays, but there may be some rain in the more ungodly counties in the west, Eckel says.

She says there may be snow in the mountains in southern Norway again, but the meteorologist is currently unsure of the snow limits.

Saturday seems to be a beautiful day in both East and West. The weather is then expected, before new low pressure is expected from the southwest over the area on Sunday. It will bring precipitation, mainly in the form of rain.

– Western Norway can also expect very strong winds from Thursday and northwesterly winds. There are no very reliable forecasts yet, but it could reach a severe storm. The winds are expected to subside towards the end of the week, the state meteorologist tells Netavizin.

Central Norway: rainfall during the week

Central Norway can also expect some rainfall during the week. On Saturday, Central Norway will also have a short break before the new rainfall field comes into effect.

Warning of strong winds in the north

In Nordland and Troms, residents can comfort themselves for a few days in strong winds. Meteorologists have issued a yellow warning.

– Low pressure approaching from the southwest and giving the next few days strong easterly winds in the north. At first, it’s Nordland that takes the hit, but during the course of Tuesday, it’s also getting windy in Troms, tweets Meteorologists According to NTB.

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The wind can according to danger warning Creating problems for ferries, planes or other means of transportation, bridges can be closed.

The power supply can also be damaged by falling trees, and snowfall in the mountains can lead to pole driving or completely closed roads.

Rain comes Tuesday as well, heading to Troms and Finnmark. Troms and Finnmark mostly like snow, Nordland is a little more diverse. There are slightly higher temperatures, especially in the south. rain and frost;

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