January 27, 2023


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weather and snow | This is how much snow falls in Trondheim: rush hour challenges warn the meteorologist

This is what the Meteorological Institute’s duty meteorologist Magnus Hockland told Nidaros.

The city’s first proper winter night is over, and winter has truly arrived in Trondheim. Among other things, the crew at Værnes stayed up all night to make departures and landings as smooth as possible, and ATB has reported challenges along its routes.

Read about the situation at Trondheim Värns Airport here: Several delays to and from Värns: – There was good snow last night

He says there was up to 20mm of snow in several places in Trondheim last night, and up to 30mm of snow can be measured if it’s “fluffy”.

– There is still a warning about the risk of snowfall in Trondheim, the meteorologist reports.

According to Hawkland, the winds will head west in the afternoon rush, which will bring rain. to me year The force can reach 10m, with 18m throws in the afternoon hours.

– Then there might be challenges with snow and snowfall, but things will work out after that. Some precipitation will still linger, but it will be much quieter than during rush hour. He says he’s heading into a nice, cold winter period after that, a nice period before Christmas with cold and snowy weather.

Do you have a request for people along the way in Trondheim?

– Drive according to conditions when they are at their worst. Be prepared that the flight may take longer than usual and there may be waiting lists. There may also be a problem with visibility and conditions all along the road.

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It is expected to continue to rise up to 10 mm for the rest of the day.