Weather, Bergen | Sends a warning about torrential rain: – Risk of flooding

Weather, Bergen |  Sends a warning about torrential rain: - Risk of flooding

It rained heavily in Bergen last night and morning.

The Norwegian Meteorological Agency has issued a yellow warning.

– Heavy rains of 15-30 mm/h are expected in Hordaland and will continue till this afternoon. There are large local differences in intensity and extent, and the weather can change quickly, they write in

Surface water hazards are reported in highly populated areas.

– Risk of localized flooding, stream and river changes, landslides and flash floods. Surface water hazard from closed roads and/or streams and rivers. Difficult driving conditions locally due to surface water and risk of aquaplaning.

The danger was reported till 1300 on Sunday morning.

Very heavy

Meteorologist Magnus Haukeland says the worst could develop in Bergen.

– The rains that hit us are very heavy and they are moving towards the east. In highly populated areas, there is a risk of waterlogging and flooding. There are large local differences in where the rains hit and whether they hit exposed areas or not.

In the next few hours and into the afternoon, the intensity of rain may decrease.

– It will be a mostly cloudy day with variable cloud cover and occasional rain.

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