Weather, Bergen | The weatherman didn’t have good news

Weather, Bergen |  The weatherman didn’t have good news

Bad weather is ahead, but Bergens is nothing used to it.

Forecasts for the future are uncertain, but Ingrid Holland Soldahl at the Meteorological Center predicts rain and good winds until Sunday.

-Thursday morning we’ll get the remnants of the low pressure that came in overnight into Wednesday. He says there will be a strong storm in the afternoon and a fresh breeze in the evening.

Thunderstorms on Friday

The rest of the week looks very wet, no wonder the meteorologist says. Heavy rain and wind.

On Friday, heavy rain and thunderstorms are expected in the evening.

– There’s a lot of bad weather to come, but it’ll get a little better on Saturday, says Holland Soldel.

It won’t be long before another low pressure arrives on Sunday, followed by another round of showers.

Low pressure brings cooler air, thus lowering the temperature.

– Right now it’s about 16 degrees, but he says it could be 10 or 11 degrees by the weekend.

Normal amount of rain

According to Holland Soldel, this is normal September weather and a sign that it is autumn.

On Thursday, around 20 millimeters of rain will fall in the Bergen area. Something more is expected on Friday.

– A little more inland there is more rainfall, but no extreme values, the meteorologist says.

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