– Weather is distributed unfairly – V.G

- Weather is distributed unfairly - V.G
Late summer?: In the Oslo Fjord, the temperature is around 20 degrees, which provides good bathing water for easterners. This is an illustration taken earlier this summer.

Is autumn coming with its blustery weather or can we look forward to late summer with lovely temperatures? The meteorologist said that the difference in high pressure and low pressure prevailing in the country.

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– When we are as long as we are, the weather is distributed unfairly, says Pernille Borander, meteorologist on duty when VG calls him on Saturday.

Southern Norway has had several days of warm temperatures, and northern autumn weather is on its way.

By the end of the week, a high depression will develop over the southern parts of the country.

High pressure is associated with low clouds and calm air conditions.

– Eastern Norway, Southern Norway and Western Norway will both receive good sunshine over the weekend and into next week. It doesn’t look too bad in Trondheim, but maybe a little more cloudy in Trøndelag.

Despite warmer temperatures in the southern parts of the country, you still need to be prepared for northerly winds, which can be chilly, says the meteorologist.

It’s cool in the mornings and evenings, but nice and warm in the sun during the day.

In Oslo, temperatures up to 20 degrees have been recorded, and Bergen will also reach around 20 degrees. Trondheim is about 15 degrees, and there will be cloudy weather, but not much rain, Borander says.

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– Ten degrees below

The protractor changes when looking north on the map. Fall temperatures are in full swing there.

– Much of northern Norway: Nordland, Troms and Finnmark, is on the wrong side of high pressure. So she says it will be autumn now.

Wind, clouds, rain and falling temperatures are expected on the coast throughout the weekend and into next week. According to the meteorologist, it will not stay as long as it is now.

– In Tromsø it will be below ten degrees early next week. Borander says it will be a little warmer in Bodo, not many degrees above ten, but still in the double digits.

Nevertheless, the meteorologist can also report good news in northern Norway.

– It looks like high pressure will bring dry weather to them next weekend. But they are on the wrong side of high pressure.

Chances of further decline

The hours of sunshine are distributed differently in the country.

In both eastern Norway and southern Norway, summer offers sunny periods, while people in western Norway and northern Norway often have to take umbrellas and raincoats.

Bath temperature never ceases to amaze.

– We still have warm water and it will continue in the near future, says the meteorologist.

In Oslo Fjord, the temperature is around 20 degrees, which provides good bathing water for the easterners.

– Where is the hot water?

– Inner Oslo Fjord. Borander says the city beach in Kristiansand is 20 degrees and not too bad in western Norway.

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However, you don’t have to go north before the bathing temperatures drop significantly. For example, at Telegrafbukta in Tromsø, 11.7 degrees was recorded on August 25. year.

Bathing Timeline Here you can see the bathing temperature.

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