weather news | Now the snow is coming. And it remains.

weather news |  Now the snow is coming.  And it remains.

On Wednesday afternoon, it snowed in Bergen. It will continue like this for the rest of the day.

– It will only calm down tonight, then a breeze from the north will come in and provide lighter cloud cover, says meteorologist Steinar Skare in Vervarslinga in western Norway.

Wednesday afternoon presents many traffic problems. The runway in Flesland was closed for about two hours due to heavy snowfall. This leads to all flights being delayed to and from Bergen and many flights being cancelled.

Skyss is also having problems and had several cancellations due to snow and slippery roads on Wednesday afternoon.

There could be a problem here

Vegtrafiken states that the contractors have all available plowing and salting trucks on the roads.

They encourage people to drive carefully and according to the conditions. Side roads in particular can get slippery with snow.

The meteorologist says there could be between five and fifteen centimeters of snow in the Bergen area. And it remains.

– It has already been below zero for several days, and there is dry snow coming. This means you should pay attention in traffic, says the meteorologist.

The Norwegian Road Traffic Center mentions Bønestoppen, Birkelundsbakken, Osvegen and Vallaheiane as particularly vulnerable areas.

– If there is a lot of snow, these are places where there can be some problems. Among other things, we see that buses tend to struggle a little bit here, Tom Eric Inglögstad said Wednesday morning.

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Spring awaits

After a day of clouds and rain, the sun returns on Thursday.

– Thursday and the first of Friday will be very good. It will be sunny and maybe a little plus degrees during the day. Except for the coast end, there are also calm wind conditions, Skare says.

Heading into the weekend, the temperature does rise somewhat, but it’s still on the downside. And there is more snow to come. Thunderstorms are expected starting Friday afternoon and throughout the weekend.

Until spring can wait. But everyone who appreciates winter activities is having a good weekend.

– You don’t have to look far either up or in before you find skiers, says the meteorologist.

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