June 10, 2023


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weather news | Sudden stop for summer weather: – It’s good to have your umbrella ready

Many Moss residents opted to enjoy summer weather on a weekend at Moss beaches, but after several days when sunscreen, ice and sunblock were among the keywords, jackets and umbrellas became the focus in the Moss area.

Early Monday, rain is expected. There could also be very strong thunderstorms this afternoon, state meteorologist Siri Wiberg tells Mos Avis Monday.

– It’s okay to get an umbrella

From tonight until Tuesday, it seems to be raining continuously, according to the meteorologist.

– It might be a good idea to have your parachute ready on Tuesday morning. It’s somewhat uncertain how long it will last, Wiberg says, but it will likely be cloudy all day, even if the precipitation eventually subsides.

—but there might still be some rain on Tuesday afternoon, she adds.

Tuesday will also be much colder than it has been in recent days.

– Unstable air comes from the south, and at the same time a cold front comes from the west, Wiberg explains.

– A rather nice weekend

Starting Wednesday, warm air will arrive again and the temperature in the swampy area will hover in the close to the 20s.

– There will be periods of sunshine, but it’s still a bit unstable. So there may be some rain on Wednesday, says the meteorologist.

Further to the Whitsun weekend, the outlook is uncertain at the time of writing.

– There will be long periods of sunshine. Wiberg points out that it is not certain that temperatures will be as high as they were this weekend.

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So far, it doesn’t look like there will be much rain.

Hope for a rather nice weekend, concludes Solberg.

The Institute of Meteorology still has a yellow warning for heather and turf fires in the bog area. This is valid until the period of heavy rains. Also remember that the ban on fire is in force in forests and fields until September 15th.

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