weather, precipitation | The Met with a disappointing message:

weather, precipitation |  The Met with a disappointing message:

The weekend ends in a pretty humid way.

There are many who are already suffering from the rain today. In Romerike, large amounts of water cause problems for motorists.

The turn is marked with signs. It is unfortunately a relatively long road for those affected, but due to the influx of water we had to close. The bridge will be closed until the water recedes to a certain level and for more weather forecasts, chances are it could take some time, says traffic operator Hilde Björnstad at the Norwegian Public Roads Administration. Romerix Blade.

In Oslo and other parts of Viken, the Norwegian Meteorological Institute issued a warning of danger.

– Heavy rains last week gradually increased the flow of water into the waterways. Heavy rain from Friday afternoon through Saturday morning can cause floodwaters to flow into small and medium-sized rivers. This can lead to localized flooding and/or erosion damage. They write that there will be local variations in precipitation year.

And they add:

– Stay informed of the situation. Clear gutters, basins, and other waterways for soil, gravel, twigs, and leaves, so that the water can flow unimpeded where it normally flows. Emergency authorities must assess the ongoing need for emergency preparedness and preventive measures.

Maintain danger warning

For now, however, widespread rain will continue throughout the weekend.

On Sunday the Østafjells will sink 50 to 70 mm in 24 hours. The latest weather forecast, however, slightly reduces the rain in Agder, thus we have removed the warning of the danger here. The Norwegian Meteorological Institute wrote on Saturday afternoon that a yellow alert is in effect in parts of eastern Norway.

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Although it may be a nitrogen end for this week, at least one meteorologist has a more optimistic forecast for next week.

– There is no risk of getting sunburned in Sauerland during the fall holidays! The weather is mostly cloudy with rain. But throughout the week, there is a possibility that the sun can peek for short periods, they wrote on Twitter.

become a storm on the mountain

The meteorologist also warns anyone who intends to spend the weekend in the mountains.

– Are you going to the mountains this weekend? Then we recommend that you use Saturday for the driving day and Sunday on an indoor day Friday will be a bit shaky, Saturday will be very good, but Sunday heavy rain is expected and in some places there will be a little storm from the south and southeast direction in the mountains. The Meteorological Institute wrote on Friday, Remember the winter tires!

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