Weather, Telemark | HEAVY RAIN WARNING: Up to 20 millimeters could fall in an hour

Weather, Telemark |  HEAVY RAIN WARNING: Up to 20 millimeters could fall in an hour

The National Weather Service tweeted that the warning is in effect from Sunday night into Monday night.

– In rain, 20 millimeters fall in an hour. Be prepared for lightning and even thunder, the company writes.

According to the warning on, on Saturday afternoon, the upper parts of Telemark will receive the most rain. Sunday will be heavier in Hjartdal and Kviteseid with 29 and 27 millimeters of rain respectively.

It is also wet in Tinn (22mm), Nodoton (19mm) and Vinje (19mm).

Greenland also receives rain, but less rainfall than other parts of the county. Skyne expects 9.4 millimeters, Borskron expects 7 millimeters.

As you head towards the coast, the rainfall decreases, and meteorologists in Kraków have not yet issued any danger warnings.

Precipitation will continue through the week, but will be less than Sunday.

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In caution, it is recommended to stay away from steep slopes, as well as streams with a large flow of water. It is recommended to clean the drains and gutters so that the water can drain away.

Do not drive in water deeper than 30 cm.


  • Densely built-up areas are vulnerable to stormwater runoff, localized flooding, stream and river channel changes, landslides, and flash floods from rainfall.
  • Risk of closed roads and/or storm water in the case of streams and rivers.
  • Difficult driving conditions due to flooding and risk of aquaplaning.
  • Road connectivity may be temporarily lost in some places, preferably for several days.
  • Heavy rains can cause basements to flood.
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