Weather – This is getting a spring mood

Weather - This is getting a spring mood

This weekend, the weather will turn from cold to mild in northern Norway, according to meteorologist on duty, Martin Granerode.

– It looks like we’re heading towards bad weather in northern Norway this weekend. It’s been cold for a while, but that’s about to change. The precipitation will come in the form of snow primarily and then transition into slush and snow over the weekend.

Western Norway and Trondelag experienced freezing and snowfall for a period of time, activity of lightning and thunder. Now the weather will gradually improve in some areas over the weekend.

– During the weekend, the showers seem to lag a little north of Stadt and Dovre, while in the south of Stadt and Dovre the weather is gradually improving. Granerød told Dagbladet that there will be periods of sun and stay.

Meteorologists can report extremely low temperatures over Svalbard.

It is very cold in Svalbard during the day. Down to 30 degrees below zero. The record was 43.7 degrees below zero at Svalbard Airport in 1979.

Weather winner this weekend

The winning weather for the weekend will be the Østafjells regions. The meteorologist reported spring temperatures of 6-8 degrees and periods of sunshine on the horizon.

– There will be relatively high temperatures. It is preferred in areas a little closer to the coast in low-lying areas. It looks like it will be 6-8 degrees during the day in the coastal areas of Ostafgels.

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Drammen and Landvik in Agder escape in the hottest temperatures. Granerød says that places directly on the coast have lower sea temperatures.

Friday and Saturday will be relatively cool, but the weather will be much warmer around Sunday. According to the meteorologist, Sunday appears to be the hottest day.


Next week, it looks like it will continue with relatively mild weather in Østafjells. You will alternate between plus and minus degrees.

Tomorrow, Monday, the weather will be slightly cloudy, with periods of rain in the lowlands and snow in the mountains. Temperatures will be on the negative side at night, and on the positive side during the day.

In the West, it would be quite the same.

Monday and Tuesday, the weather will be cloudy and periods of rain in the lowlands, and the rain comes in the form of snow in the mountains. Granerød says light cloud cover and periods of sunshine from Wednesday.

At the beginning of next week the weather in Trøndelag and More og Romsdal seems to be more cloudy and periods of rain in the lowlands.

– Wednesday afternoon, the weather will change to building weather as cloud cover and precipitation change, says the meteorologist.

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