Weather this week: Summer in the south, snow in the north

Weather this week: Summer in the south, snow in the north
Summerly: Southern Norway will be the big weather winner next week. The picture was taken at Huck in Oslo on Wednesday afternoon.

Pale in winter, eastern legs will bask in the sun this week. But it is too early to bring out short films in the North.

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– Are there big weather differences now?

– you can safely say that, meteorologist Unni Nilsen at the Meteorological Institute tells VG.

– Now it’s almost June 1, and it’s cold, snow and ice in the north. It would be a big contrast to the south, but we have a very long country.

It is sent in Nordland and Troms and Finnmark Yellow hazard warning Snow on many mountain passes.

This may continue for another day.

– But the temperature going forward is not so brisk, we are talking about five degrees during the day.

On Wednesday afternoon, it didn’t look like summer in Tromsø…:

– How unusual is this?

– This is not so unusual in Trams and Finnmark, where they have to wait a long time for summer. They had elements of spring, but the cold had returned.

This is a bit unusual for Nordland: here they are below normal in terms of temperature.

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Other weather: Picture taken on May 24 from a Norwegian Public Roads Administration camera in Saltfjellet, Nordland.

Trondelag and western Norway will have usable weather over the next few days.

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– Low cloud cover, a little cold and rainy, but now light cloud cover. In western Norway, it looks like temperatures will be around 15 degrees for the next few days, so there will be improvement.

Trønder should settle for 10 degrees and some rain over the next few days.

Southern Norway will be the big weather winner next week – and there are no signs of that changing anytime soon.

On Wednesday, temperatures are expected to reach 25 degrees in southern and eastern Norway.

– As of right now, it looks like it will be hotter and hotter in southern and eastern Norway. The country is located in a tropical climate, so hot summer weather is expected there.

Tuesday was the first hot summer day of the year in southern Norway, with temperatures above 25 degrees. Gulsvik in Flå municipality recorded a temperature of 26.1 degrees.

Meteorologist Nielsen says bathing temperatures in the Oslo area are now starting to climb: 16 degrees are now being recorded in many places. And it gets hot.

– Expect above 20 degrees and nice, dry weather for the next few days. Then the temperature of the bath rises steadily, he says, before offering a small warning:

– There is a risk of forest fires increasing in the coming days. People should be careful when shooting and lighting fires outside.

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