Weather, Traffic | Tomorrow will be cloudy again

Weather, Traffic |  Tomorrow will be cloudy again

– We have issued a yellow warning for parts of eastern Norway from 07:00 to 22:00 on Thursday. It will begin in Aktor tonight and move northward, state meteorologist Espan Biseth Granan said Wednesday evening.

Rain all day

The hazard warning is as follows:

Starting Thursday morning, there is a risk of snow turning to rain, freezing to the ground and freezing rain over low-lying areas. Precipitation freezes as snow on the ground, on vehicles and other objects.

– The warning will definitely apply to the Gulf region, says the meteorologist.

– Does it rain in high altitude areas like Valdres?

In heavy snow it will be pure snow and I think Valdrez will be fine, Granan replied.

On the other hand, snow is expected due to snowfall and strong winds in the mountains, and Valdresflye.

Risk of freezing rain

Grannan explains that foggy weather will likely last for most of the day and move northward.

It has some movement and it should slowly pull north.

State meteorologist Kiran has bad news for those thinking about driving tomorrow.

Driving conditions have become difficult, and if it gets too bad, you should get out of the car. Another risk is freezing rain in the southern part of the Mjøs region.

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Clear weather is likely on New Year’s Day

After this a bucket of ice water from the Meteorological Institute, can State meteorologist Espen Biseth Granan offers some words of comfort. On New Year’s Day, it will rain in western Norway.

– New Year’s Eve looks promising for eastern Norway. It comes vEast and northwest winds will blow towards Saturday, meaning dry weather. There is a good chance of low clouds and falling temperatures.

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