Weather, Tromsø | It will rain, rain, rain

Weather, Tromsø |  It will rain, rain, rain

Accidental trailer, soapy roads in residential areas, big challenges on both brewed roads and main roads on Monday.

Meteorologist on duty, Ron Skoglund, at the Meteorological Institute, has a bit of fine city weather for the next few days in Tromsø and Tromsø:

– It won’t be good today. Or tomorrow. There will be plenty of rain for three full days, but a little less wind.

But rain is good for at least one thing, all the while, both the meteorologist and other motorists struggled with soapy driving on Sunday and Monday.

– It will be steadily bad, so there are no “highs”, but the advantage is that the bad ice will melt with precipitation and five or six degrees.

On Tuesday, about nine millimeters of rain was reported (converted to solid form – in the amount of snow – this corresponds to nine centimeters).

improvement on the horizon

From Thursday the weather will be cooler.

– There will be an improvement in both Tromsø and a few areas of the interior. It’s probably minus on Thursday and Friday, but it looks a lot better.

Weekend weather

This weekend, it got even more uncertain:

– Everything indicates that it will be on the negative side. There may be some snow showers until Saturday evening.

In other words – the weather is a bit like what you would expect for the season.

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– Nothing abnormal.

Worst in Nordland

In Nordland it is getting wetter.

It gets so humid that the Meteorological Institute sends a serious warning to Ofoten, Salten and Lofoten on Monday.

Hazard warning deals with rain, and applies from midnight through Monday, and until 18:00 on Monday, writes Avisa Nordland.

– It looks like there could be between 35 and 50 mm of rain during that time, says Dina Stapel, the department’s duty officer on Sunday morning.

– She says it’s just going to be a wet Monday.

Strong low pressure

35mm is the minimum when they send a warning. The meteorologist believes that the amount should indicate that it is enough to create problems.

There can be a lot of surface water and it creates difficult driving conditions as there is a lot of water in streams and rivers, she tells Avissa Nordland.

As if that wasn’t enough. There will also be many winds.

– There is a relatively strong low pressure in the west which leads to precipitation here and an increase in some winds. Strong flashes can occur in exposed areas, especially on the coast from the southwest direction.

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