Weather, Tromsøya | Strong low pressure on trams and slippery roads: – People should drive according to weather conditions

The first fall storm of the year has arrived, bringing strong winds and large amounts of precipitation.

Per Egil Haga says wind gusts of 30 m/s were reported in Malangan. The highest measured in the lowlands in Tromsø is 17 m/s at Longnes. There has also been good rainfall in the form of snowfall.

– The strongest low pressure system is currently in the north. Of course, Haga says.

He says that the west wind blows in both inner Tromsø and Tromsøya.

– There is a strong storm and a lot of wind, Haga says.

Low pressure and increasingly cold temperatures mean precipitation will be a mix of snow and rain.

– At the top of Tromsøya, there may be elements of white rain, he says.

40 second meters at Finnlandsfjellet

State meteorologist and weather blogger Erik Samuelsson writes that winds gusted up to 40 meters per second at the unofficial track at Finlandsfjellet in Kvaloisletta.

– In the low-lying areas, Heckingen and Maasvik are already in a full storm with medium winds. Winds were blowing at a speed of 30 meters per second at both places. Samuelson writes on his weather blog that winds will increase and peak between 24 and 01 tonight.

“It will be interesting to follow how high we get on the wind scale, but it’s not unusual for a small storm to show full storm locations,” he adds.

He also writes that strong winds are expected between Heckingen and Dorsvac Loppa tonight.

It won’t be exactly calm in the trams until Sunday evening tomorrow, and there won’t be a severe storm all day tomorrow, writes Samuelson.

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Snow on Slettaelva

Samuelson also writes, among other things, that snow settled on Slettelva on Saturday evening.

– Light rain and hail at first during the night, with occasional drizzle in outlying areas, before white showers for a few hours early tomorrow morning. The state meteorologist writes that many places on the ground are likely to turn white.

Police are warning

It will continue overnight into Sunday, with the winds easing gradually in the morning hours.

– Haga says it will be mild again during the week, so winter is not here to tighten its grip.

The mid-trams are slippery in many places, which led the police to deal with several descents on Saturday.

– We are at that time of year when the weather can change quickly. We ask people to be careful and drive according to the conditions, says operations manager Morten Agensen.

Do you have notes or photos of the storm? Feel free to send them to us at [email protected] or send us a message Our Facebook page.

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