Weather: – Weather Change Warning: – Unusual Weather

Weather: – Weather Change Warning: – Unusual Weather

– This week has been unusually warm, so we may have been a little spoiled. It's the first half of April, so it's likely to be closer to normal for the foreseeable future, says Eldbjork Moxnes, a meteorologist at the Meteorological Center.

Recently, people in southern Norway have mostly been able to enjoy the sun and nice spring days, and the outdoor restaurants in Oslo are full.

– We are getting used to it and think that winter is completely over. That's it, but next week it will be normal, says Moxnes.

Soon it will change: – It gets cold

Next week, temperatures will drop in many places, with the risk of nighttime frost in southern Norway. Many may still be happy that the sun hasn't completely set.

– There is an area that gets a little more sun. That is the good news. Lots of rain and gray weather this week, so it will be a bit of a milder type of weather. Even in the absence of severe weather, Moxnes adds that these low pressures will remain low:

– If you find a warm place, it will still be comfortable in the sun, but you will feel that it is a little cold.

For those who have already stripped away their warm clothes and braced themselves for higher temperatures, the meteorologist has some encouraging news. Video: Jenny Emily Aus
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However, she cautions against saying goodbye to snow:

– It appears to be relatively dry, but it is within the range of temperatures. Not entirely sure you can drive 24 hours a day, so I'm waiting to change the summer tires. It's not completely safe, says Moxnes.

Meteorologists have warned of snowfall above 200-300 meters for northwestern Norway and Tr√łndelag. This warning is in effect overnight through Sunday.

A heavy snow warning has also been issued for the mountains south of Jotunheimen in southern Norway.

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